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How to live a life of greater fulfilment and joy.

How to live a more fulfilling life!

It takes courage to follow your heart! A fulfilling life integrates the truth of body, heart, and soul. The biggest deterrent to living the life we dream is our doubt and fear of what others might think. We prioritize and

Follow your heart. How to choose between heart and head.

How to Follow Your Heart!

Our Heart and our Head can differ in most matters. Our head and our heart can work together to better inform our decisions and direction in life. So, how can we genuinely follow our heart? When we let the heart

How to breathe better and therefore live better!
Breathing Practices

How to Breathe Better!

We’ve all heard the term breath of life, but how often do we notice this vital function and realize it’s significance to our health and longevity. Changing how you breathe changes your life! The quality of your breath determines the quality of

effective-rest-recovery-rehabilitation. Laura Sarah Dowdall dancer, somatic movement & yoga teacher -
Injury Rehabilitation

How to Effectively Rest for Recovery & Rehabilitation

Rest is essential to recovery and rehabilitation, so why is it a challenge and how can we learn to appreciate the benefits of slowing down! When an old injury from my ballet days revisited and when I prescribed myself a

Fundraiser for CHILDLINE ISPCC by Healing Yoga

Fundraiser for Childline, ISPCC Charity

FAMILY WORKSHOP FOR CHILDLINE Thank you for your support. The mission of the ISPCC Childline is to see an Ireland where all children are heard and valued. Our fundraiser Move & Groove workshop for families took place on 26th April

Keeping Perspective in the Covid Pandemic. Be Well with

Keeping Perspective in the Covid Pandemic

I have never heard so many birds and seen so many #bees!!! ?  Keeping a focus on positive events can be a great reassurance and support as we are challenged with covid restrictions and social-distancing! Our mindset is key to

Laura Sarah Dowdall, dancer and Yoga and Wellbeing expert. Expression of the body through movement is the quickest way to emotional health. Easy ways to destress and release emotion through movement.
Emotional Health

The Express Way to Emotional Health

Expression of the body through movement is the quickest way to emotional health. Caring for our Emotional Health is a skill seldom taught- explored mostly through art and therapeutic practices, sometimes through words, and rarely through the body. Feeling and

Meditation for Kids. Parent Child Family Workshop Healing Yoga Dublin

Meditation for Children

Kids are natural meditators with an innate instinct for self-care. When kids are encouraged to nurture their ability to be present they can develop a foundation for wellbeing that will serve them for life! Meditation for Kids is engaging, imaginative,


Meditation- Waking up to Life!

It may take old age, illness, or the death of a close family member to bring us to consider our own mortality. Death can shake us into a stark presence that awakens us to what matters most. Death is a

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