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Forest, Sea and Soul Day Retreats for Women

How to instantly bring more JOY into your life!!

How can we come out of our heads and into our body, heart and soul?   The quickest route is through the senses  • Absorb the colours and details around you  • Feel every texture  • Soak up the scents and

vitality retreats in country house estates specialist wellbeing retreats for all levels of yoga experience
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Join the Women’s Retreat this August 2021!

Join the Women’s Vitality retreat this August 27-29th in the beautiful country house setting of Lisnavagh Estate in Wicklow for a weekend of yoga, dance, healing practices, nature, relaxation and deep rest.

shake off stress with new dance for wellbeing class with healingyoga

Shake it Off!

Tomorrow marks a shift in to Spring! A time of new ideas and fresh energy emerging. January can be a hard month, when we don’t have a global pandemic weighing on our minds and hearts. So I hope to offer

Coaching is a process of sustainable change that enriches you with awareness, realization, learning- clarifying your life path and potential.

Inner Critic- How to Make a Change!

Learning to value yourself and recognize your needs establishes the foundation for personal development, sustainable progress, and greater potential for joy in your life. Looking for love, recognition, acceptance, and happiness from others will always leave you wanting and dependent

How to manage Overwhelm and Anxiety

How to manage Overwhelm & Anxiety

Overwhelm is an emotional state created by seemingly endless, demands, worries and responsibilities. Typically, a person is more likely to feel overwhelmed by negative emotions (anger, fear, anxiety, or guilt). You feel suppressed by thoughts and emotions that override your ability to feel present, effective and clear.

How to live a life of greater fulfilment and joy.

How to live a more fulfilling life!

It takes courage to follow your heart! A fulfilling life integrates the truth of body, heart, and soul. The biggest deterrent to living the life we dream is our doubt and fear of what others might think. We prioritize and

Follow your heart. How to choose between heart and head.

How to Follow Your Heart!

Our Heart and our Head can differ in most matters. Our head and our heart can work together to better inform our decisions and direction in life. So, how can we genuinely follow our heart? When we let the heart

How to breathe better and therefore live better!
Breathing Practices

How to Breathe Better!

We’ve all heard the term breath of life, but how often do we notice this vital function and realize it’s significance to our health and longevity. Changing how you breathe changes your life! The quality of your breath determines the quality of

effective-rest-recovery-rehabilitation. Laura Sarah Dowdall dancer, somatic movement & yoga teacher -
Injury Rehabilitation

How to Effectively Rest for Recovery & Rehabilitation

Rest is essential to recovery and rehabilitation, so why is it a challenge and how can we learn to appreciate the benefits of slowing down! When an old injury from my ballet days revisited and when I prescribed myself a

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