shake off stress with new dance for wellbeing class with healingyoga

Shake it Off!

Tomorrow marks a shift in to Spring!

A time of new ideas and fresh energy emerging.

January can be a hard month, when we don’t have a global pandemic weighing on our minds and hearts.

So I hope to offer you fresh optimism and new opportunities to feel good with new dance and yoga offerings and a new website full of resources!

Keep well in the rainy days to come, and remember while we can’t change the weather- we can always change out perspective!


Quick tips for mind-set shifts!

TANTRUM (5 minute practice)

Commit to 5 minutes of total wild abandon. 

Give yourself absolute permission and freedom to punch pillows, stamp your feet loudly, lie on the ground and pounds your fists and feet into the floor (put pillows underneath you so you don’t hurt your fists!), sound and shake as much as you physically can, non-stop for 5 minutes.

A swarm of endorphins will flood your system after this you will feel lighter, brighter and no doubt have a good laugh at yourself for giving this an honest go!

If inhibitions come up just let them be part of the practice as you shake and stamp imagine your breaking through any barriers or fears that may limit your sense of expression and freedom.

DECOMPRESS (10 minute practice)

Ask yourself – What is bothering me right now? How does this make me feel?

Recognise what you are feeling right now.

Give yourself FULL UNCONDITIONAL PERMISSION to FEEL and be present just with this core emotion/ feeling. 

Set a timer for 5 minutes. Express you emotion, frustration or fear through your voice, movement, actions, sounds NON-STOP for the next 5 minutes! 

Fully commit to moving and being in your current experience. GO FOR IT!

After 5 minutes- drop to the floor, lie down and completely release everything to the earth – letting go completely, surrendering all thought to the floor beneath you for 5 more minutes or longer if you wish.


There are so many great benefits of simply shaking or moving with no preconceived ideas or intent.

Animals in the wild shake of stress the moment after a trauma occurs.We humans have been taught to hold it all in- so do yourself the favour and take those short 5 minutes to “shake it off” anytime you get the chance!!

If you need more reasons why you should take time to decompress though movement:

  • Your nervous system will thank you as you release stress and tension!
  • Your immune system will get a boost of endorphins and fresh circulation!
  • Your mind will be invigorated and refreshed with the right-brain activity giving you scope for new inspiration and creative thinking!!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


If you want some guidance – DANCE FOR WELLBEING is a new class starting February 5th- every Friday 10am. 

No experience needed. Sign up for classes here!

Supporting your mental health doesn’t have to be serious- in fact it can really benefit us to have regular movement breaks to shake off stress, laugh at our play and smile at the shift simple movement can bring to your body, emotion and mindset!

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