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Coaching is a process of sustainable change that enriches you with awareness, realization, learning- clarifying your life path and potential.

Inner Critic- How to Make a Change!

Learning to value yourself and recognize your needs establishes the foundation for personal development, sustainable progress, and greater potential for joy in your life. Looking for love, recognition, acceptance, and happiness from others will always leave you wanting and dependent

How to manage Overwhelm and Anxiety

How to manage Overwhelm & Anxiety

Overwhelm is an emotional state created by seemingly endless, demands, worries and responsibilities. Typically, a person is more likely to feel overwhelmed by negative emotions (anger, fear, anxiety, or guilt). You feel suppressed by thoughts and emotions that override your ability to feel present, effective and clear.


Neurological Ease – Somatic Movement

How does a drop more harmony, ease, and calm sound? We all deserve to feel more of these qualities in our life. Thankfully, there are some practical ways we can embed them into our everyday experience! You are invited to

Ancestral Healing

Tarot, Reiki & Ancestral Healing

Do you have an idea or dream but have no idea where to start? Maybe you feel a little heavy like you’re carrying a weight that you’d love to unburden? Often we can feel stuck, unsure of ourselves, and low

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing – Threads to the Past

Have you ever been overcome with an emotion, but you have no idea why? Have you ever felt so connected to a person or impacted by a situation, but you couldn’t give it any reason or logic? We all carry


Let her Breathe!

Awakening the Feminine, seeing the prejudice and conundrums where they lie in our self and in others.

Yoga Classes

Somatic Bliss!

These classes will release tension, stress, pain and anxiety and restore harmony, ease, and balance,  We all deserve to feel more of these qualities in our life. Thankfully, there are some practical ways we can embed them into our everyday experience!

Yoga Classes

Yoga Flow

Empower and Inspire your physical, mental, and emotional health with a new 4-week yoga series!

Forest, Sea and Soul Day Retreats for Women

How to instantly bring more JOY into your life!!

How can we come out of our heads and into our body, heart and soul?   The quickest route is through the senses  • Absorb the colours and details around you  • Feel every texture  • Soak up the scents and

vitality retreats in country house estates specialist wellbeing retreats for all levels of yoga experience
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Join the Women’s Retreat this August 2021!

Join the Women’s Vitality retreat this August 27-29th in the beautiful country house setting of Lisnavagh Estate in Wicklow for a weekend of yoga, dance, healing practices, nature, relaxation and deep rest.

shake off stress with new dance for wellbeing class with healingyoga

Shake it Off!

Tomorrow marks a shift in to Spring! A time of new ideas and fresh energy emerging. January can be a hard month, when we don’t have a global pandemic weighing on our minds and hearts. So I hope to offer

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