Laura Sarah Dowdall is an innovative somatic wellbeing expert, social entrepreneur and accomplished professional dancer with a background in international business and languages. 

Laura is a socially-engaged artist and nature-based practitioner working collaboratively with organisations and communities to support positive action and awareness of access, inclusion, environmental, creative and wellness needs of people and our planet. 

She integrates her skills as a collaborative arts practitioner, intuitive healer, somatic therapist, nature-retreat guide, life coach and systemic constellation-work facilitator to create transformational experiences for personal and collective growth and healing.

Based in Ireland, Laura teaches online from her cottage home in county Wicklow and travels internationally to teach. Having lived and worked in Rome, Berlin, Boston and the UK, Laura has experienced all forms of transitional challenge and change in career, culture and language.

Life Learning

Always an advocate for learning and personal development, a near-life threatening accident caused her to re-align her direction and apply her learning to empower a full and healthy recovery. First-hand life experience and dedicated years of training in the science, philosophy, mechanics and psychology of healing has distinguished her as an innovative whole-person wellness provider.

Known for her authentic presence, uplifting energy and creative dynamic, her passion is to educate and empower people to better care for their wellbeing, believing self-care is the key to sustainable health and happiness.

Bespoke Services

Laura incorporates the best of her training in Yoga, Clinical Somatic Education, Ballet and Contemporary Dance, Life Coaching, Family Constellation Work, Contact Improvisation, Reiki and Seichim Energy Healing to provide a truly holistic experience. 

Her awareness of all aspects of wellbeing enables her to create bespoke life-enhancing programs for the benefit of individuals, teams and communities around the world.

Laura founded Healing Yoga in 2010 and has since dedicated herself to the development of empowering wellbeing programs that encourage creativity, expression, self-awareness and joy in learning. 

She has been interviewed and featured in articles for The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, Positive Life Magazine, International Health Publications, TV3 and Irish radio for her wellbeing expertise.

“Incredible, Mind-Blowing, Freeing, Beautiful, Full of Love. Laura is incredibly gifted and very inspiring. This was pure joy! It is for anyone wanting to feel free!"

Niamh, Humanitarian Law / International NGO


Before concentrating her career in dance, holistic wellbeing and social entrepreneurship – Laura worked for Enterprise Ireland throughout the USA, tech start-ups in Ireland and an International Law Firm in Germany. She attained a First Class Honours Degree in International Commerce and Italian from the Business School at University College Dublin, and completed postgraduate studies at Harvard Business School in International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution and Cross-Cultural Psychology.

Creative Health & Community

Laura is recognised as an impactful Social Entrepreneur for her National Dance Ability Programme– providing people who are blind and deafblind with access to the wellbeing benefits of dance. She developed the Creative Wellbeing Programme for Schools and Special Needs Centres- educating students, parents and teachers on the life-long benefits of self-care and wellbeing.

Laura believes that continuous professional development, personal practice, and active research are integral to offering the best service to her clients. Laura practices what she preaches and is very down-to-earth, personable, and motivational in her approach.


Healing Yoga’s mission is to enable, educate and empower children and adults to live their full potential, aligned by their unique values and aspirations.


Laura provides: one to one consultationsgroup workshops, school programscorporate wellness eventsonline classesretreats and teacher-parent training programmes throughout the year.

Connect with Laura, by email- laura@healingyoga.ie or through our contact page.

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