Forest, Sea and Soul Day Retreats for Women

How to instantly bring more JOY into your life!!

How can we come out of our heads and into our body, heart and soul?  

The quickest route is through the senses 

• Absorb the colours and details around you 

• Feel every texture 

• Soak up the scents and sounds in your space 

Whether we are sitting on a mountain peak, enjoying the taste of a meal, waiting for a bus! or feeling the water run down our skin in the shower… 🛀 

Let’s be there fully! 

Through sensation we become present, alive, awake!

We move from the limited mind to the expansive body! 

We gain perspective, “head space”, that allows us to: 

💕Recognise the beauty around us 

🙏Feel gratitude 

🌟 Rapidly shift from a state of fear or worry to one of love and even joy! 

Come alive through your senses and open the door to the wisdom of your amazing body! 

Your joy in the little things will become contagious! 

Shifting you to a place of greater receptivity, flow and harmony. 

Spread the joy! 

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