vitality retreats in country house estates specialist wellbeing retreats for all levels of yoga experience

Join the Women’s Retreat this August 2021!

Come as you are!

Vitality Retreats are an opportunity to reset, refresh and realign with your true self.
This three-day journey offers a fluid process of self-discovery and renewal through movement, meditation, soul-dance, personal healing, and deep rest.

vitality retreats in country house estates specialist wellbeing retreats for all levels of yoga experience

So What do you need to know!

1- Don’t be shy about coming on your own!

Can I come on my own? YES YES YES

In fact I advise you to come solo so you can have your own space and enjoy the time reconnecting with yourself.

Only when we take time-out do we realise how EXHAUSTED we are!
How “busy” we have been! How much we have put ourselves to “the side” in order to manage other aspects of our life that seem more urgent or demanding.

If we continue this way we are draining our resources further and further, reducing our capacity to support not only our health but the needs of others we love and care for.

Taking time for yourself – helps everyone in your life, it role-models self care and shows others that you value your health and yourself enough to take the time for yourself.

This unique retreat is a gift that can change your whole life.
I have seen this with past participants.
It acted a cross-road that led them in a more fulfilled, heartful direction.

“Everyone needs to do this retreat, it is a coming back to Self. This was a profoundly positive experience.” (Sandra)

2- You need no previous experience!

No previous movement experience is necessary, just an open mind.

Healing Yoga’s retreats offer a movement journey over three days that fluidly allows you to follow your own process with great support and guidance.

Your journey is unique to you and you will be encouraged to follow what feels best for you at all times.

“I feel so happy to have met myself again truly this weekend. I’m a complete novice with Yoga and it matched my abilities and pushed me to go further.” (John)

We all limit our potential consciously or unconsciously, this retreat is an opportunity to step into a deeper awareness of who you are, unshackle what has held you back and step into the fuller, brighter potential of who you truly are.

“I feel light and loved. I feel the benefit of letting go. Thank you so much for a beautiful weekend.” (Aine)

Inhibitions and fears are always great teachers- this retreat is an opportunity to give yourself permission to be nothing other than your absolute true self.

You will have time to just be, to gain perspective, to meet yourself, to spring clean your beliefs and refesh your vision.

“I found the entire experience very fulfilling. I really enjoyed the dancing after initially being quite inhibited. I feel happy, open, warm, light and invigorated.” (Ann)

3- Choose to take the time for yourself

Throughout the weekend you will be encouraged to spend time away from your phone so as to give yourself the permission to really switch off and focus on all that is unfolding in the here and now.

You can give your families the contact details of the venue so they can contact you if the need arises. Letting your loved ones know in advance creates clarity and gives everyone time to get used to the idea. It may be the first time in awhile that you have given yourself this time- you want to make the most of it.

Another benefit of time for yourself is that you talk less! We don’t realize how much energy goes into communicating continuously throughout our day. Time alone enables us to conserve energy and redirect it towards our personal healing and process over the weekend.

4- What happens on retreat!

Aside from workshops, you will have time to enjoy the beautiful grounds of the country house estate, read your book by the fire, enjoy a bath in the victorian bathtubs of the main house rooms, or have a one-to-one treatment over the weekend.

“The weekend was fabulous, creative, thoughtful, inspired, fun and playful. I am feeling inspired, connected, spacious, joyful, unbridled, powerful, sensual, happy, free, loving, safe, grateful, vibrant and whole.” (Victoria)

What does a Vitality Retreat weekend look like!!

Friday – Sunday is an entirely guided journey integrating the best of wellbeing practices customized to the small group and individual needs, including-


  • Yoga to revitalise mind and body
  • Pranayama to enhance clarity & peace
  • Meditation for deep healing and relaxation
  • Modifications for all levels of experience
  • Yoga Nidra for deep rest


  • Nourish the whole body with restorative movement
  • Improve coordination and agility
  • Experience deep physical, mental, and emotional release
  • Relieve chronic pain and tension
  • Awaken the deep connection with your felt-sense


  • Embodied Movement to enhance grounding and self-awareness
  • Movement Medicine to process, heal and integrate


  • Awaken new perspective and insight
  • Relieve patterns inhibiting potential and joy
  • Fortify wishes and intentions
  • Experience deep healing and compassion


  • A gentle, deeply relaxing treatment to refresh, balance, and harmonise the systems of the body and amplify healing.

Plus- delicious meals, open fires, woodland walks, and MAGIC… lots of it ✨

selfcare for healthcare workers

Here is the schedule for the 2021 retreat to give you a sense of how the day is structured:


Arrive and settle or go for a walk in the beautiful woodlands around the lodge

5:00 pm Welcome Circle, Somatic Movement + Grounding Meditation

7:00 pm Dinner

Enjoy a relaxing evening, rest and enjoy the beautiful woodland surroundings and open fire.

From 8 pm – 9:30 pm Unwind with a one to one healing session.


8:00 am Healing Yoga

8:45am Breakfast

10:00 – 11:30 am Somatic Movement & Meditation

11:30- Noon Mindful Walk with compassion and awareness practices.

1 pm: Lunch

Free time for relaxation, woodland walks, siestas, reading, art. Unwind with a one-to-one healing session.

3:30 pm Constellation Practice for Personal Empowerment

5:30 pm Soul-Dance

7:00 pm Delicious Dinner

8:30 pm Yoga Nidra, Healing Meditation


7:30 am Herbal Teas & Juices

8:00 am Healing Yoga

9:00 am Somatic Movement to integrate & ground new awareness

11:00 am Noon Brunch

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm Meditation & Closing Circle

4pm Check-out

Get in touch if a retreat is just what you need!

Our next retreat is August 27-29th 2021 followed by March 11-13th 2022.

Contact Laura with any questions

Click here for information, pricing, and accommodation details on upcoming retreats.

Til we meet on retreat,

Laura xx

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