Neurological Ease

How does a drop more harmony, ease, and calm sound?

We all deserve to feel more of these qualities in our life.

Thankfully, there are some practical ways we can embed them into our everyday experience!

You are invited to explore a specialist somatic movement series that will bring you back to bliss and comfort within your body and your mind.


‘Neurological Ease’ is a 4-week program focused on unwinding tension, stress, worry, and anxiety from our body.

This series will relieve and release anxiety, tension, and trauma that has accumulated in the body due to constant worry and stress.

Stress is unfortunately an everyday reality for most adults and many children nowadays.

When low-level stress remains constant, our nervous system becomes overwhelmed.

Continuously on alert, we are unable to switch off and give the body the adequate rest it needs to replenish, repair, and heal effectively.

Under continuous low-level stress we experience ourselves as more:
* Nervous, “on edge”
* More reactive, and less calm
* Less able to sleep deeply
* Aches and pain in our bodies
* Lethargic with less focus
* Susceptible to illness

Somatic movement works at the deep level of our nervous system, nourishing the foundations of our wellbeing.

Somatic Movement sequences:
✨ Awaken our self-awareness,
🕊 Teach us about our habits and patterns,
✨ Relieve mental stress, pain & tension,
🕊 Improve posture & coordination,
✨ Boosts health and energy,
🕊 Reduces the impact of ageing!
✨ Enhances memory and cognitive health

It is accessible and of benefit to everyone!

You don’t need to watch the screen, everything is verbally guided!

Somatic Movement returns your mind and body to a state of ease and openness.

Its supports healing, emotional health, and mental clarity.

‘Neurological Ease’ runs in 4 week blocks with new lessons every week.

4-week series of lessons is 55 euro.
Online via zoom.

Sign up for this 4 weeks series – join live or receive recordings each week.

lContact me with any questions –

Harmony and health to you,

Love, Laura


For Info on classes and one to ones click here!

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