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Healing Pain through awareness. how-pain-gives-access-to-healing

Body First – How pain gives access to healing.

We express our need for head-space but how often do we feel the need for body-space. Like the mind, the body needs time to decompress, express, process, and heal any emotion, pain, or memory it is holding.  Doing a somatic


Vulnerability- From Fear into Light

Astrologers say a full moon represents a pivotal time when we are asked to amplify our light by facing our fear! As I sat in the direction of the rising sun this morning, the beautiful new statue of Quan Yin in

Emotional health for wellbeing

Emotional Health- Tears and Fears

Better out than in– is wise advice! When we hold back or suppress our emotion, itseeps through the pores of our sub-conscious at a later stage, surprising us at a time when a big reaction may not seem so justified.

yoga for the spine

Yoga for the Spine

A healthy spine not only equals fluidity and flexibility in the body, it also is linked to longevity, dexterity, and vitality. Yoga for the Spine aids a whole body detox, cleanse, release and realignment. Here is an extract from the


Manifesting New Intentions

Certain times of the year are associated with setting new intentions – the new year, a new season, a birthday, or a special moon. February marks the beginning of Spring with the Celtic holiday of Imbolc beginning from sundown today

vitality yoga retreats in ireland

Yoga Retreats in Ireland

Vitality Yoga retreats are unique to Ireland, they offer a specialist blend of wellness experiences they offer focused on whole-person wellbeing through movement and meditation, as Positive Life Magazine shares in the article below. As the evenings slowly lengthen and


Body Wisdom

Today I felt provoked by a situation that made me feel annoyed and frustrated. I realized how I was feeling but continued to motor ahead with my tasks regardless of what I was feeling. Then I caught myself and realized

manifesting new intentions

Manifesting Intentions: Positive Potential

When we reflect on the past year or season … we may think- next time, I’ll do it differently, I’ll take more time for myself,  I’ll do more, I’ll do less … Instead separate the past from your present and

meditation for selfcare

Ten Minute Meditation: Simple Self-Care

It’s easy to delay or even forget our own needs in the busy-ness of everyday life. To care for our mental health we need to make space for self-care even if it is just ten minutes a day. We need

life purpose coaching with

(Re)Discovering You!

As children and young adults, we try to fit-in. When we get to a point of maturity within ourselves we are ready to stand-out. Getting to know our interests, motivators, and passion helps us discover a sense of life purpose

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