Tarot, Reiki & Ancestral Healing

Do you have an idea or dream but have no idea where to start?

Maybe you feel a little heavy like you’re carrying a weight that you’d love to unburden?

Often we can feel stuck, unsure of ourselves, and low in energy when the energy of our body is out of balance, drained, or diverted towards an old trauma or ancestral entanglements.

Sometimes it can feel heavy and challenging to make a simple change in our life.

This is often a sign that our life force energy is not fully available to us. That there is a block or dam further upstream.

In these 1:1 sessions, you will experience:

+ Tarot reading to gain insight into questions you may have, and what is important for your development at this time

+ Energetic healing to rebalance and align your chakras

+ Clearing and restoring greater light to your mental, emotional, physical, and ancestral energy field

+ Ancestral healing practice to support greater harmony and healing within your family line so you feel lighter and freer to stand in your own power and to experience more life force energy, vitality, and love in your life.

These empowering sessions will resource and inspire you to step more fully into life, to embrace your dreams and ideas, heal and restore greater love and life force within your family line, and help you to stand stronger in your truth, passion and power.

One to One Healing Sessions will help you to feel: 

✨Lighter, like a weight has been released from your body, mind and soul 

✨Empowered to step into life with greater confidence, inner trust, and resource

✨ More Connected to your family line -the gifts, love, wisdom, vitality and support of your ancestry

You don’t need to know anything about your family line to benefit hugely from the healing energy of these sessions!

This work helps us to forgive and let go of that which no longer serves our greater good, enabling us to focus more on what we want to create and bring into our lives!

One to one sessions:

Online only: 60 minutes: 70 euro per session

In-person: 90 minutes: 120 euro per session

3 x 90 minute sessions: 100 euro per session, 300 euro total

Venue: The Calm Rooms, Monkstown Village, Home visits also available

Book using the links below and I will get in touch to schedule the time for our session:

Any questions or time/day preferences can be emailed to laura@healingyoga.ie

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Ancestral Healing

Tarot, Reiki & Ancestral Healing

In 1:1 sessions, you will experience the insight of Tarot, Reiki energy healing, and Ancestral Healing practices to help you feel lighter and freer to stand in your own power and to experience more life force energy, vitality, and love in your life.

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