“Time-out with my body was a revolutionary experience! I really enjoyed the energy of the workshops-both relaxing and energising! Huge thanks!”

– Andrew, IT

I am so blessed to have been able to take part in such beauty and the FUN oh my God!  Who knew ‘doing the work ‘ could be fun!  You opened my eyes. The retreat weekend flowed. Laura’s skill including the needs of everyone was amazing and whatever we needed she provided. Everyone needs to do this retreat, it is a coming back to Self. This was a profoundly positive experience.”

– Sandra, Physical Therapist

“Thanks so much for the online classes, I’m finding them so beneficial with all the stress and tension at the moment. I feel energised and more connected deeply within myself, both physically and emotionally. It encourages me to open up rather than shut down and survive. It helps manage my symptoms of MS too.”

– Anna, Nursing

“I’ve really enjoyed having time in my diary that I look forward to where I can unplug and relax.”

– Dane, Technical Sourcing Recruiter

“Laura has the most amazing calming and grounded energy, she seems to see past the physical and straight to the core of a person making them feel at ease. She is encouraging and full of knowledge. She creates a safe space to practice in, her classes and her 1:1 sessions are fantastic.”

– Rowena, Event Management

“As someone who’s been suffering with chronic migraine for the past 2 years, I found the workshop very helpful, relieving the tension built up in my neck and shoulders. Covid times also meant more hours sitting for me, so the somatic movement sessions have been both invigorating and relaxing. Thank you, Laura!”

– Anna, Recruitment Manager

“Laura provided excellent facilitation, real wisdom and insight… A rich opportunity for exploration, movement, healing, reflection and time for myself.”

– Orla, Human Resources, Banking Sector

“I feel light and loved. I feel the benefit of letting go. Thank you so much for a beautiful weekend.”

– Aine, Bank Manager

“I feel so happy to have met myself again truly this weekend. I’m a complete novice with Yoga and it matched my abilities and pushed me to go further.”

– John, Finance Manager

“I have learned to ‘just be’, to be in my heart and come out of my head. I feel connected earthed. I appreciate my body more and I am grateful for all that I have. This retreat was more than I expected. A very powerful experience… benefitting soul and body.”

– Adrianna, Real Estate

“Incredible, Mind-Blowing, Freeing, Beautiful, Full of Love. Laura is incredibly gifted and very inspiring. This was pure joy! It is for anyone wanting to feel free! I feel strength and so much love and gratitude for this rediscovery and this special weekend. It feels like something was re-opened and that some boxes in my mind that had been hurting can gently close. It is time for my heart to lead again and that feels beautiful. My body feels free, alive, connected, rested, earthed, creative, wondrous, delightful and delighting!”

– Niamh, NGO / Humanitarian Law

“I found the entire experience very fulfilling. I really enjoyed the dancing after initially being quite inhibited. I feel happy, open, warm, light and invigorated.”

– Ann, Human Resources

“I loved Laura’s energy and enthusiasm. The weekend was fabulous, creative, thoughtful, inspired, fun and playful. I am feeling inspired, connected, spacious, joyful, unbridled, powerful, sensual, happy, free, loving, safe, grateful, vibrant and whole.”

– Victoria, Author, Coach, Journalist

“The retreat was enlightening, re-connecting and relaxing. Laura makes it a very special experience. I feel energised, refreshed, rested, reconnected, grateful, open and relaxed.”

– Geraldine, Barrister

“The retreat was enlightening, re-connecting and relaxing. Laura makes it a very special experience. I feel energised, refreshed, rested, reconnected, grateful, open and relaxed.”

– Geraldine, Barrister

“Really enjoyed Laura’s programme of classes. I always felt really good the next day! A brilliant way of getting rid of stress. She is an excellent teacher- thanks for everything.”

– Angie, Primary School Teacher

“Excellent introduction for beginners- very clear and easy to understand instructions. The teacher went at a very comfortable but challenging pace. Loved the sound and voice work!”

– Margaret, Human Resources

“I feel alive and joyful and have a new sense of warmth. I enjoyed every aspect! I feel a strong sense of Freedom.”

– Fintan, Retired

“Laura’s beginner course was a great introduction to Yoga. Really positive and enjoyable experience with a great variety. Really well thought out classes with great guidance.”

– Caroline, Student

“I enjoyed your Introductory Yoga class very much. Your style of teaching is very fluid, clear and easy to follow. I felt the format lends itself well to taking a higher level class, and not feeling completely out of synch. You give each person assurance and subtle guidance, and the overall feeling after the warming-down relaxation was wonderful. I do hope to take one of your workshops soon. Do keep up your enthusiasm.”

– Brian, GP Doctor

“Excellent programme. I really enjoyed it and I want to now continue with yoga and the wellbeing techniques I learnt and see how it will assist me in my professional and personal life”

– James, Athlete

“This was fabulous! I hadn’t done yoga or any movement or voice work before, but I was able for it and open to all the new learning. It was a challenging and relaxing experience! I leave feeling serene.”

– Sarah, Mother

“I love the format and different phases of the workshop- each chapter had a different but connected focus. Lovely pace and guidance from Laura throughout – she brought a beautiful warmth and shared her knowledge in a way that was easy and fun to follow!”

– Norma, Marketing Manager

“I must say I really enjoyed Laura’s course of workshops; Laura was excellent. A great teacher. I hope to attend her future courses.”

– Mark, IT & Banking

“Brilliant! Really enjoyed Laura’s beginner programme immensely!- The time flew!!”

– Ann, Mother

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