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Laura Sarah Dowdall is an innovative somatic wellbeing expert

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vitality yoga retreats in ireland

Rebirth Retreat ~ New Year’s Retreat: December 2022!

DATES: December 30th (2022) – January 2nd (2023)
A unique New Year’s experience!
Release, Revitalise + Empower yourself with this powerful 4-day journey!
With Yoga, Somatics, Dance, Constellation work, Reiki + Sweatlodge Fire Ceremony!
A magical way to welcome your intentions for the New Year!
Set in unique country-house venues with private woodland walks, gardens, open fires, four-poster beds, and bathtubs!

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Inner Light: Sunday Retreat

DATES: Sunday 10-5pm, Feb 27th & March 6th

Enjoy movement, meditation, journeywork, ancestral healing, and family constellations to bring greater harmony and healing to you and your family.

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Ancestral Healing

Tarot, Reiki & Ancestral Healing

Do you have an idea or dream but have no idea where to start? Maybe you feel a little heavy like you’re carrying a weight that you’d love to unburden? Often we can feel stuck, unsure of ourselves, and low

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Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing – Threads to the Past

Have you ever been overcome with an emotion, but you have no idea why? Have you ever felt so connected to a person or impacted by a situation, but you couldn’t give it any reason or logic? We all carry

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