one to one healing sessions

Individual sessions restore harmony, clarity and peace to your mind and body.

We are all so unique in our experience and view of life. My skill is tuning into the body and soul, seeing beneath story and condition, to what is most important for your personal development. Every session is unique and customised to support your return to balance.

Through a blend of different approaches and techniques we work gently but deeply on restoring harmony and connection within your self first, so you can experience the benefits of this in the projection of the world around you.

People notice benefits in all aspects of their lives- personally, professionally, artistically, intuitively, physically, mentally, emotionally and therefore in their relationships with others and the experience of their aspirations and fulfilment of their higher potential. Sessions help to:

  • Support you in life transitions and decision-making
  • Reconnect you with the truth and potential of who you are
  • Relieve deep stress and chronic issues
  • Ease anxiety and restore balance
  • Boost health, energy and vitality
  • Improve positive mental attitude
  • Remind you of your purpose & inspire your motivation
  • Executives and Working Professionals feeling
    de-motivated, concerned about their career path.
  • Regain self-esteem, self-love and self-compassion
  • Bring clarity on areas of confusion and misalignment
  • Gain perspective and peace on trauma, grief and loss


“I attended Laura’s vitality retreat weekend, not knowing what to expect. The energetic work that I gained over the retreat weekend was commented on by my acupuncturist afterwards. He assured me that my whole energy body had changed and asked me the reason for it! Since then, I have continued to reap great benefits from the healing work Laura offers through workshops, one to ones sessions and weekly online classes. 

Laura has amazing psycho-spiritual skills to facilitate groups. Her sessions are intrinsically multidimensional in nature. She works in such a holistic way: cognitively, emotional, spiritually, bodily. I have done yoga for years and travelled extensively around the world doing all kinds of healing and yoga workshops. It is not an exaggeration to say that Laura is attuned to a Higher Consciousness. I could not recommend her enough!”

– Noelia, Psychotherapist, 2022

How can this help?

Often we can feel stuck, unsure of ourselves, and low in energy when the energy of our body is out of balance, drained, or diverted towards an old trauma or ancestral entanglements.

We may experience chronic pain, repeated patterns in relationships or anxieties, conditions or habits reflected in your children.

For each person our challenge manifests differently, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, through relationships, work-life or hard to pinpoint.

Sometimes we can feel heavy with procrastination and find it difficult to make changes or decisions in our life.
This is often a sign that our life force energy is not fully available to us. That there is a block or damn further upstream.

One to one sessions relieve burdens and stress and help to restore perspective and balance.
Amongst the practices and techniques we will use, you may experience:

+ Reiki and energetic healing to restore balance to the nervous system, boost your immune system, bring healing to emotional wounds, peace and clarity to the mind, and deep rest and relief to the body.

+ Somatic bodywork and tension and trauma release exercises to relieve chronic pain, to restore neurological ease and alignment to the body, to let go of stress and contraction within the body to enable head-space, clarity, improved energy and emotional wellbeing.

+ Ancestral healing to support greater harmony and healing within your family line so you feel lighter and freer to stand in your own personal power, to lead your own life direction and to experience more energy, vitality, and love in your life.

+ Systemic/ Family Constellation work practices to help you relieve conscious and unconscious patterns inhibiting the flow of love and joy in your life. To help you untangle, work-out and gain-perspective on decisions and directions you are considering.

+ Life Path readings to gain insight into any and all questions you may have, and gain clarity on what is important for your development.

These empowering sessions will resource and inspire you to step more fully into life, to embrace your dreams and ideas, heal and restore greater love and life force within your family line, and help you to stand stronger in your truth, passion and power.

Bespoke to your needs

No two people have the same needs. Each private session is customised to match the specific needs and intentions of the individual. This means specific practices are explored that are most beneficial to the client.

One to One Individual sessions may include:

Healing Breathwork, Somatic Movement, Reiki Energy Healing, Therapeutic Yoga, Life Coaching, Creative practices, Constellation work and Mindful Wellbeing techniques to empower each client with the process and tools best suited to their needs.

What is common to all sessions, is that we work with the body in its wholeness, working with the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects of our Self.

is this for me?

One to One sessions support everyone. We look at the truth of who you are and what matters to you.

People attending one to one sessions, workshops, classes and retreats come from all backgrounds and walks of life – Parents, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Business Owners, Physiotherapists, Psychotherapists, Teachers, Homeopaths, Singers, Dancers, Retired adults, Children, Teens and Family groups. 

Therapeutic processes have benefited clients managing symptoms of fibromyalgia, cystic fibrosis, spinal lordosis, migraine, high blood pressure, lower back tension, poor body image, eating disorders, depression as well as those recovering from accidents, injury, grief and loss. The deep healing and harmony restored in the body has also helped those wishing to conceive.

All one to one and group sessions are customised to the ‘alive’ or current needs of the individuals. 

The intent is always to empower the person with balance and harmony in their body, and clarity and calm in their mind so that they become the catalyst of their own healing, enhanced self-belief, greater fulfilment and joy in their lives.

One to One Healing Sessions will help you to feel:

+ Lighter, like a weight has been released from your body, mind and soul

+ Empowered to step into life with greater confidence, inner trust, and resource

+ More connected to yourself, your natural talents and gifts, the love, wisdom, vitality and support of your ancestry.

You don’t need to know anything about your family line to benefit hugely from the healing energy of these sessions!

This work helps us to forgive and let go of that which no longer serves our greater good, enabling us to focus more on what we want to create and bring into our lives.

Your session will be what you need to take the next step on this journey of life.


Sessions are in-person or online.
90 minute sessions are dedicated to what will best serve your intention and healing.
Sessions are 150euro.

In-person sessions take place at The Calm Rooms in Monkstown, 101 Monkstown Village.

Where beneficial to you, resources and recordings of movement practices, personalised healing meditation, soul insight-tarot readings can be taken to support your home-practice between sessions.

Email with any questions.

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Cancellation Policy

Please note that 24 hours notice is required for any cancellation.

Bookings cancelled after this time will incur a 50% charge of the fee related to the booking.

Bookings cancelled within 12 hours of an appointment will be charged at full price.

Where any workshops or retreats are cancelled by the organiser, all payments will be reminbursed in full to the client.

Term fees for classes are for the dates indicated and are not transferrable.


Read more of what our clients have to say!

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