Yoga Classes

Yoga Flow

Empower and Inspire your physical, mental, and emotional health with a new 4-week yoga series!

Yoga Flow series 

Mondays 8-9pm : January 24th – February 14th

Fridays 10-11am : January 28th – February 18th

Free taster classes- click to register through the links below:

Monday 8-9pm, Jan 17th

Friday 10-11am, Jan 21st

Yoga Flow will refresh your body, mind and heart with fun flowing sequences to:

  • Invigorate the body,
  • Boost feel good hormones,
  • Detox the mind,
  • Restore balance and
  • Shake off tension & stress!


Classes include elements of tai chi, chi gung, dance, kundalini yoga, yin yoga, dynamic yoga flow, hatha yoga, sound healing, breath work, self-care practices and healing meditations.

These classes are feel good fun, uplifting, inspiring and full of positive vibes!

*Adaptations for all levels of experience and beginners.

* Teens and Adults are welcome to enjoy these uplifting classes.




4 Week Series + Bonus Taster Class only: 55 euro

Click to register for Bonus Taster class: Monday Jan 17th  / Friday 21st


Sign up for full series:  

Mondays:  Jan 24th – Feb 14th  

Fridays:  Jan 28th – Feb 18th

If you can’t come live – enjoy the recordings.





Contact me with any questions – / 0879633229

Harmony and health to you,


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