Upcoming Retreats

Dance Workshops

DATES: Fridays 4-5:30pm
April 10th – May 31st

Explore your connection to the Sea through a series of sea-inspired workshops integrating contemporary dance practices, improvisation, somatic embodiment, creative composition and site-specific research by the sea!

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Soul Light: Healing Retreats 2024

DATES: April 7, May 5, June 30, Sept 15

Enjoy movement, meditation, journeywork, ancestral healing, and family constellations to bring greater harmony and healing to you and your family.

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sea and soul retreat

Nature Retreat

NEXT DATES: April 14 + 28, May 26, June 16

Awaken, Attune & Align with a magical retreat in nature with walking meditation, embodied reconnection, movement alchemy, eco-somatics, constellation practice, forest bathing, restorative rituals & more.

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Yoga Classes

Somatic Movement + Healing Meditation

DATES: Every Wednesday, 8pm Ireland/GMT

Somatic Movement brings the body and mind back to a state of deep ease, co-ordination, clarity and relaxation.
+ Release anxiety, tension, stress & chronic-pain
+ Restore harmony and relaxation
+ Improve posture, cognition and sleep
Online classes with replays sent if you cannot attend live.

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Mom & Me Day-Retreats!

DATES: Ongoing Monthly Day Retreats
Parent & Teen day retreats offer a fun and deeply nourishing way to spend quality time together!
Focused on emotional health and wellbeing. Enjoy practices to destress, reduce worry, calm anxiety, increase self-confidence and resilience.

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Brigid’s Day Retreat

February each Year
See: Nature Retreats for spring/summer dates

Awaken, Attune & Align with a magical retreat day in a sacred setting,​ with walking meditation to a sacred glen with movement, constellation practice, forest bathing, meditation & more.

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