Ancestral Healing – Threads to the Past

Have you ever been overcome with an emotion, but you have no idea why?

Have you ever felt so connected to a person or impacted by a situation, but you couldn’t give it any reason or logic?

We all carry a connection to the past, and often that connection goes beyond this lifetime to those of our ancestors.

We don’t realise how deep the threads of habit, beliefs, traumatic experience and pattern go, and how they embed through time… 

Through our family line we are connected to the many women and men who have come before, their prejudices, fears, dreams and desires.

Experiences left unresolved leave traces that impact later generations. 

Feelings of loss, guilt, shame, anxiety, anger or depression can be passed on as easily as eye colour.

The trauma of a grandmother losing a child, or a great great aunt experiencing depression after her husband died in the war, can all impact generations yet to come.

Fear and love in all its forms has threads to the past.

Where emotions, promises or pains are left unresolved they live on. 

The vibration may take on a different form but its origins can echo back to an experience long past.

What can we learn from this?

By being responsible for our emotional health and beliefs now we can bring healing to ourselves and lighten the burden of what we pass on to our children, nieces and nephews, and the collective consciousness of this earth.

How can we heal the past?

The beauty of ancestral healing work is that it does not need to be heavy.

We can work in a way that requires no analysis or even awareness of our family tree.

Every feeling or experience carries a vibrational state.

Working with the felt sense of the body we can bring awareness to something hidden that enables it to be seen, felt, grieved, processed and given space to be released.

Working from the body in this way we don’t get caught up in the reason and the story. 

We instead translate and transmute dissonance into a state of harmony.

Family constellation work is a beautiful structure in which great healing and cathartic release can occur that not only touches the people present but extends a healing resonance way back through the family line and the current family.

No words can reflect the powerful healing that unfolds through the simple process of a constellation practice.

When we bring light to what was hidden, forgotten or silenced we shift the paradigm of our perspective.

Doing a constellation practice we tap into a pattern within our own being that has threads to the past.

When we unravel the thread and bring ease and care to it’s needs, we enable healing, new energy and a different way of being.

Check out upcoming events or book a one-to-one session to experience the power of ancestral healing work.

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