School Yoga + Creative Wellbeing

After-school Yoga and Creative Wellbeing course for girls and boys in Primary Schools.

Kids will enjoy Yoga, Meditation, Creative Play, Authentic Movement, Dance and Self Care skills taught in a fun and dynamic way.

They will enhance their interpersonal skills through group and partner tasks, compassionate listening, circle sharing and focusing technique practices.

This afterschool program is based on practices from the Creative Wellbeing program

This is an online course developed to support Parents & Teachers who wish to bring more wellness into their homes and classroom environments- it includes the science behind wellbeing, a broad range of movement practices (such as yoga, somatic, developmental, chi gung, tai chi, authentic expression, contemporary dance) and therapeutic techniques for selfcare and coaching tools.

Creative Wellbeing focuses on:

+ Reducing Anxiety and Stress 

+ Encouraging Self Esteem and Self Kindness

+ Developing Inner Resilience and Patience

+ Supports Confident Decision Making 

+ Encourages Expression of Personal Needs

+ Nourishes physical, mental, emotional, cognitive, and neurological health

+ Aids healthy sleep, uplifts mood and positive outlook 



New Six Week Course at Harcourt Terrace Educate Together National School

Tuesdays 1:10- 2:10pm: Senior & Junior Infants

Tuesdays 2:10-3:10pm: 1st, 2nd, 3rd class students

Starting after Midterm: Tuesday February 21- March 28th


Creative Wellbeing is a specialist program developed over 12 years integrating the best of yoga, developmental movement, meditation, somatic expertise, dance, creative and therapeutic techniques for wellbeing.

Cost: 6 week term is 72 euro

Please email [email protected] with the subject ‘HT After-school Yoga’

With your child’s name, class, parent’s name and contact phone number.

Your child’s place will be confirmed on payment of the term fee.


Payment by bank transfer (details below) or card payment (includes stripe fee):

Account: Healing Yoga          

Detail: Your name + HT School Yoga

IBAN: IE76AIBK93357058686082       



Upcoming Events that may interest you:

Creative Wellbeing Online Course for Parent and Teachers : Feb 21- March 28

Mother & Daughter Day Retreat: Jan 29th

Kids Classes in Monkstown Village: Feb 23- Feb 30


About the facilitator

Laura is a Yoga, Somatic Movement and Wellbeing expert and a professionally trained Dancer who has worked for over ten years with children and adults of all ages, needs and abilities.

Her Creative Wellbeing approach supports children’s emotional and mental health through movement expression, meditation and self-care. She provides training for Healthcare workers, Teachers and Parents.

Her work has featured in the Irish Times, Irish Independent, TV3 & International Wellness Websites. 

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