How to Stay Youthful, Fresh and Vibrant at any Age!

Movement when done with awareness keeps us youthful, vibrant, refreshed and inspired!

When done with somatic awareness we encourage our brain to work through movement patterns that regain dexterity, coordination and ease within our musculoskeletal system.

With curiosity and an openness to learn we encourage the mind to think differently, explore new movement pathways, and to therefore create new neural connections that refresh our brain and body.

We have the choice to stay youthful and we can do this through our conscious awareness of how we think and how we move- it is that simple!


As children our intrigue keeps us moving, exploring and problem solving our environment. We go through a series of development movement patterns that encourage our cognitive growth, neuromuscular development and our mental-emotional resilience.

To miss out on certain movement patterns is to limit our capacity and ability to meet our potential.

As adults we become accustomed to moving and living repeated pattens. In doing so we reduce our neural pathways of engagement, we reinforce certain patterns and lose others, our dexterity and adaptability reduces and our cognitive agility can suffer.

But thankfully, the neuroplastic nature of our brains enables us to renew, relearn and recover these patterns of body-mind dexterity, through mindful engagement of the body in conscious movement exploration that stimulates learning and reforming of neural pathways.

We are never to old to learn, it is only the scope of our mind that sets the limits of our expectation.

Through Somatic Movement programs we stimulate reconnection between the brain and body, re-educate the body to greater ease and fluidity, refreshes and reset our nervous system, boost cognitive functioning and recall, and expands our creativity and problem solving ability.

To move differently is to think differently!


+ Somatic Movement processes that unwind held tension and patterns of trauma,

+ Embodiment practices that take us out of the head, back into the body & our creative life force

+ Develop Self Care skills that regulate stress and soothe the mental-emotional body

+ Learn Meditation skills to centre, ground, and bring clarity to your mind

+ Enjoy Movement explorations & Body Puzzles to stimulate new learning

+ Reduce the Impact of ageing! As we refresh our brain-body connection and improve coordination and balance through movement

+ Inspires Creative thinking, Stretching our comfort zone, therefore expanding our potential!


Somatic Movement with Laura Dowdall


Weds 3,10,17,24 & 31 May

Adaptations for all levels of experience, including beginners.

Gentle movement practice that can be done in a chair.

Somatic Movement focuses on restoring neurological ease, balance, harmony and relaxation to the body and mind. Through somatic movement you will recover dexterity, fluidity and lightness in your body. Somatic movement reduces the impact of ageing on the body. It rewires and reconnects parts of our brain and body that have lost agility over time and improves cognitive functioning, mental clarity and memory.

Healing Yoga with Laura Dowdall

Wed 3,10,17,24 & 31 May


Adaptations for all levels of experience, including beginners.

A dynamic, energising class practiced on the floor- *Ideally bring own yoga mat, mats will also be available!

Class to revitalise your body, mind, heart and soul with fun flowing sequences to:

Invigorate the body, Boost feel good hormones, Detox the mind, Restore balance, Shake off tension & stress!

Classes include elements of tai chi, chi gung, dance, kundalini yoga, yin yoga, dynamic yoga flow, hatha yoga, sound healing, breath work, self-care practices and healing meditations

Must be able to attend all 5 sessions. Booking required by contacting

Level 3, Municipal Gallery, dlr LexIcon Library, Dun Laoghaire

More info about Bealtaine workshops at DLR Libraries


Get in touch to experience a workshop for your organisation, a one to one session, an online program to invigorate your wellness and innovation potential!


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