Fresh Start this 2024!

Beautiful Soul, Warm wishes to you for 2024!✨
An energy update & new events starting tonight!!

This February we will enter a new 20-year cycle that provides us with an opportunity for a completely fresh start! The energy / mindset with which you enter this period will create the blueprint for the next 20 years of your life!

So this is an ideal time to:

  • Release worn-out beliefs, guilts & shames (you may already feel a big shift away from these lower energies!)
  • Take time to meditate, be present, stop & breathe
  • Be authentic, honest & open-hearted in your communication
  • Say ‘No’ to what does not give you joy!! (no is always yes to something else!)
  • Clarify your values & where you want to invest your precious energy & time!

So in the theme of brave new beginnings here are upcoming events designed to nourish, reset, upgrade and inspire us with fresh direction at this opportune time.

Every Weds 8pm: Somatic Movement & Healing Meditation

Stay warm at home while connecting in with healing energy, somatic movement, selfcare practices and guided meditations to-

  • Soothe your nervous system
  • Relieve stress, tension, chronic pain
  • Restore ease, dexterity & coordination
  • Improve posture & agility
  • Enhance energy & vitality
  • Sleep better, rest deeper, fully relax
  • Uplift mood & positive mindset

Sunday, Jan 28th: January Reset Retreat🕯️
10-1pm / 10-5pm in Monkstown (Dublin)
Give yourself the best start to 2024 with a workshop to detox, release and inspire body, heart and soul with fresh energy, bright potential and open perspective for the year to come!

Brigid’s Day Events: Workshops in the Woods🌳
Feb 1st (Brigid’s day Holiday) + Sunday, Feb 18th
A unique nature-based event to reconnect, align and empower your Heart and Soul!
With walking meditation to a sacred glen with movement alchemy, constellation practice, forest bathing, healing journey-work & more.
This will be pure magic!

Soul Light Retreat
Feb 5 (Bank Holiday Monday), March 3, April 7, May 5
10-1pm / 10-5pm in Monkstown (Dublin)
Healing Somatics, Trauma relief work and Family Constellation Practices to step beyond blocks into our greatest potential & aspirations

For anyone who needs extra support at this time, my one to one sessions recommence from Jan 29th on Monday afternoons at the Calm Rooms in Monkstown, with healing sessions also available online.

I am so excited to gather with you soon at this uniquely special time in our lives🙏

Warmest wishes,
Love, Laura

For event updates follow @healingyogasoma:

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