Kids Yoga + Creative Wellbeing


Next 6 week Course: Thursdays, February 23 - March 30th
Where: The Calm Rooms, 101 Monkstown Village

Times, Thursdays

3:15-4:15pm (6-8 years)

4:30-5:30pm (9-12 years)

5:45-6:45pm (13-16 years)

Six week Yoga and Creative Wellbeing course for girls and boys.

Small group class to guarantee each person's comfort and support.

Kids will enjoy Yoga, Meditation, Creative Expression, Authentic Movement and Self Care skills taught in a fun and dynamic way.

This specialist six week program will enhance their interpersonal skills through group and partner tasks, compassionate listening, circle sharing and focusing technique practices.

Weekly sessions offer nourishing and supportive space to share and express, to discover more about ourselves, our personal strengths, needs and ambitions. Creative Wellbeing focuses on:

+ Reducing Anxiety and Stress + Encouraging Self Esteem + Self Kindness
+ Developing Inner Resilience + Patience
+ Supports Confident Decision Making + Encourages Expression of Personal Needs
+ Nourishes physical, mental, emotional cognitive, and neurological health
+ Aids healthy sleep, uplifts mood and positive outlook during the winter months


Creative Wellbeing supports the emotional and mental health of children through yoga, movement, dance, expressive play, meditation, breath work for kids and self-care practices for everyday life.

This program is practical, experiential, and informative. You will learn the science behind wellbeing, how creative play supports resilience and mental health, and experience the physiological benefits of self-care techniques.

Each week follows a different theme and integrates creative movement, breath work, meditation, expressive play, and embodiment practices with the science behind their purpose.

This program has been enjoyed by parents, teachers, social and healthcare professionals who want to better understand how to support their personal, professional and family life.


Recent years of lockdown, restrictions and reduced social interaction has affected us all, but we see now how this has hugely impacted the mental, emotional and social wellbeing of our children. A complexity of emotional, behavioural, and learning difficulties are emerging that are affecting concentration, development, confidence and social engagement.

Children have experienced new pressures and confusion that require additional sensitivity and support to unwind, process and move through. 

Creative Wellbeing aims to resource children and young adults with the self-awarness, skills and supports to care for their needs, to shake off their stress, to process their feelings and to feel confident to communicate them. 

The practical and creative techniques of this program serve to engage interest, support learning, and encourage the healthy development of each person’s unique potential.


Bring a notebook and pens, personal blanket and a water bottle.

Have comfortable warm clothing and warm socks.

Yoga mats and blankets provided or feel free to bring your own.


The Calm Rooms, 101 Monkstown Rd, Monkstown, Dublin, A94 E3F9


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This program is limited to a small group of 8-10 children. 

This 6 week Creative Wellbeing course offers  specialist program with small group class and expert facilitation.

Price per six week course is 120euro per child.

Guarantee your child’s place through the card payment link below or by bank transfer:

Account: Healing Yoga          Detail: Your name + Kid CW

IBAN:IE76AIBK93357058686082       BIC:AIBKIE2D 

Please email your child’s name, ages and class time they will attend to [email protected]

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