Creative Wellbeing Teacher Training

Creative Wellbeing is a specialist program for professionals working with or caring for children and those with additional needs. This includes School Teachers, SNAs and SEN teachers, Social workers, Key workers, Carers, Nurses, Community workers.

Parents who are interested in the creative wellbeing approach are also very welcome to attend this training.

No equipment required, accessible to all abilities, COVID compliant to restricted classroom space, and limited physical contact.

So what is Creative Wellbeing?

Creative Wellbeing integrates the best of movement and meditation practices to support whole-person wellbeing, nurturing a person’s physical, emotional, mental, and personal health.

Creative Wellbeing blends the best of:

  • New Science, Neurology, Traditional Yoga, Dance,
  • Clinical Somatic Movement- Hanna and Feldenkrais techniques, 
  • Life and Wellness Coaching, Mindful Self Compassion,
  • Meditation, Energy Healing, Family Constellation Work and
  • Tension and Trauma Release technique.

Participants will gain:

  • New Skills to enhance your Personal and Professional life
  •  Tension & Stress Release for yourself!
  •  Dynamic Wellbeing- Ideas for groups & one to one
  •  Movement to Refresh Mind and Body

  •  Insight into the role of Motion in Emotion
  •  Self-Soothing Techniques for Student Self-Care
  •  Introduction to Non-Verbal Communication for Worry and Anxiety Relief

Skills for Life

A lot is demanded of teachers, carers, and health care providers working with children. They are supporting children with a complexity of emotional, behavioural, and learning difficulties that affect their concentration, development, and social engagement.

Lockdown, COVID regulations, social-distancing, and protocols around contact have added huge stress and strain to family and school life. Children have experienced new pressures and confusion that will require additional sensitivity and support from their teachers on their return to school.

This training offers resources to support child wellbeing through practical and creative techniques to engage interest, support learning, and encourage the healthy development of a child’s potential.

The importance of play

As adults we become more rigid in our way of thinking and moving.<br>
In this workshop parents will reawaken all the main movement patterns in their body, improve their dexterity, flexibility, creativity and sense of joy through expressive practices.

Parents will feel wonderful and children will be overjoyed to learn, play and explore together!

From this place of shared play and expression, both parent and child can better relate to each other, experience a greater bond and feel more ease and comfort in expressing how they feel to each other.

Key information:

  • Online, watch anytime from anywhere.
  • World-class training bringing wisdom and experience from multiple modalities.
  • Specialist learning in non-verbal communication and methodology for working with people with cognitive, sensory, and mobility needs.
  • An opportunity for personal development, and professional learning that will add value, creativity, and fun to your professional role.
  • Support during the challenging times of the pandemic, changing COVID regulations, and the effect on school policy and the learning environment.

Creative Wellbeing Coach & Facilitator

Laura is a Yoga, Somatic Movement, Dance and Wellbeing expert, Reiki Master and Life Coach facilitating Creative Wellbeing Programmes in Schools across Ireland and provides training for Teachers and Parents, her work has featured in the Irish Times, Irish Independent & TV3. Laura creates an enriching whole-body experience.

Program Format:

  • Workshops are online and focus on experiential learning.
  • Workshops provide ample opportunity for personal self-development.
  • All content is recorded so it can be enjoyed and re-watched any time throughout the school year.
  • Participants will have access to a private login area with the program video content and resources readily available.
  • Each workshop will have one assignment associated and learners are required to keep a learning log of reflections throughout the program.
  • A certificate of completion will be given to those who complete the full training modules and complete the assignments for each module.
  • Learning hours include lectures, experiential learning, personal reflection, assignment, practice, and additional study.


This Unique program continues through the school year till June, offering ten specialist workshops and bonus live Qand A sessions throughout the year!

The content and offering of a single month’s module consists of 2.5 hours learning, this exceeds the value of €300

The total value of this unique program, therefore, far exceeds €3,000!

As it is the first year that this training is online and because I want to make this available to as many people as possible – you can avail of special offers when you, pay & register before certain dates.

Special Offer

Pay and Register before Wednesday, October 6th: Once-Off Introductory Offer of €595!

€595 for 10 specialist workshop modules over 10 months – is only €59 a month!


Bookings are limited, Book now to secure a spot for your family.


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