Creative Wellbeing Teacher Training supports the physical, mental & emotional health of children through yoga, creative movement & self-care-

Creative Wellbeing online program

Upcoming Courses:

Tuesday 7-8:30pm GMT/Irish Time-

November 5th- December 10th, 2024

Feb 4th – March 8th, 2025

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Creative Wellbeing supports the emotional and mental health of children and teens through yoga, movement, dance, expressive tasks, meditation, breath work and self-care practices for everyday life.

Creative Wellbeing is a specialist program for teachers, parents, professionals working with or caring for children of all needs and abilities. 

This includes School Teachers, SNAs and SEN teachers, Parents, Social workers, Key workers, Carers, Nurses, Community workers.

No equipment required, accessible to all abilities, COVID compliant to restricted classroom space, and limited physical contact.

Workshops are recorded and available by replay if you cannot attend live in-person.

Learn the Science, Skills & Practices to help:
• Reduce anxiety & stress
• Support healthy sleep & relaxation
• Develop inner resilience & patience
• Support confident decision-making
• Encourage self expression of needs
• Empower ourselves with self-soothing skills
• Resource with creative outlets for expression
• Uplift mood & positive outlook
• Encourage self-esteem & self-compassion
• Nourish physical, mental, emotional, cognitive, & neurological health

We need to role model self-care and wellbeing in order to support that in our children- this course is for your personal & professional development.


what is Creative Wellbeing?

Creative Wellbeing supports the emotional and mental health of children through yoga, movement, dance, expressive play, meditation, breath work and self-care practices for everyday life.

This program is practical, experiential, and informative. You will learn the science behind wellbeing, how creative play supports resilience and mental health, and experience the physiological benefits of self-care techniques.

Each week follows a different theme and integrates creative movement, breath work, meditation, expressive play, and embodiment practices with the science behind their purpose.

This program has been enjoyed by parents, teachers, social and healthcare professionals who want to better understand how to support their personal, professional and family life.

Creative Wellbeing blends the best of:

  • New Science, Neurology, Traditional Yoga, Dance,
  • Clinical Somatic Movement- Hanna and Feldenkrais techniques, 
  • Life and Wellness Coaching, Mindful Self Compassion,
  • Meditation, Energy Healing, Family Constellation Work and
  • Tension and Trauma Release technique.

Participants will gain:

  • New Skills to enhance your Personal and Professional life
  •  Tension & Stress Release for yourself!
  •  Dynamic Wellbeing- Ideas for groups & one to one
  •  Movement to Refresh Mind and Body

  •  Insight into the role of Motion in Emotion
  •  Self-Soothing Techniques for Student Self-Care
  •  Introduction to Non-Verbal Communication for Worry and Anxiety Relief

Skills for Life

A lot is demanded of teachers, carers, and health care providers working with children. They are supporting children with a complexity of emotional, behavioural, and learning difficulties that affect their concentration, development, and social engagement.

Lockdown, COVID regulations, social-distancing, and protocols around contact have added huge stress and strain to family and school life. Children have experienced new pressures and confusion that will require additional sensitivity and support from their teachers on their return to school.

This training offers resources to support child wellbeing through practical and creative techniques to engage interest, support learning, and encourage the healthy development of a child’s potential.

Key information:

  • Online, watch anytime from anywhere.
  • World-class training bringing wisdom and experience from multiple modalities.
  • Specialist learning in non-verbal communication and methodology for working with people with cognitive, sensory, and mobility needs.
  • An opportunity for personal development, and professional learning that will add value, creativity, and fun to your professional role.
  • Support during the challenging times of the pandemic, changing COVID regulations, and the effect on school policy and the learning environment.

What participants have to say?

“This course exceeded my expectations. The breadth, depth and gentleness of the exercises made them easy to translate into every day teaching with all ages and capabilities! Laura also incorporated lots of self- care practices along the way….something very much appreciated!”

Michelle – Primary School Teacher

“A super programme with lots of useful information, very practical with a deep dive into the science behind each of the practices. For anyone working in a supportive role with children, this essential programme offers practical guidance on how to support children and equip them with the tools needed to thrive in these uncertain times.”

Grainne – Parent

Program Format:

  • Workshops are online and focus on experiential learning.
  • Workshops provide ample opportunity for personal self-development.
  • All content is recorded so it can be enjoyed and re-watched any time throughout the school year.
  • Participants will have access to a private login area with the program video content and resources readily available.
  • Each workshop will have one assignment associated and learners are required to keep a learning log of reflections throughout the program.
  • A certificate of completion will be given to those who complete the full training modules and complete the assignments for each module.
  • Learning hours include lectures, experiential learning, personal reflection, assignment, practice, and additional study.

Creative wellbeing program schedule:

6 WEEK foundation program :

Each workshop is 1.5 hours – 2 hours, consisting of interactive learning, experiential practices, self-care techniques and Q+A.

Live workshops will be recorded and available by replay.

Live workshops are 7:00 pm IST/GMT, please check for your timezone.



You will learn:

The science of stress and it’s impact on the nervous system.

Practical techniques to support students’ in the physical release of nervous tension and stress.

Creative movement for self-expression, processing and integration of experience through non-verbal formats.

Quick release techniques for down-regulating, grounding and soothing.


You will learn:

The science behind anxiety, overwhelm, how self-soothing regulates the nervous system and the role of the vagus nerve in wellbeing.

Somatic Sensing and Focusing techniques to down-regulate and self-care. 

When we are limited in our physical contact with others, self-soothing techniques are critical to replace this lost contact and reassurance.

Self-Compassion practices inspire children’s (and our own) self-awareness of emotions, needs and energy levels. 

Learn how to nurture yourself, your child or those you work with so they can listen and value the needs and signals of their body.


You will learn:

The science of emotional health, how mood impacts our physiology and the importance of emotional intelligence and expression.

Creative practices to encourage individual expression through movement, words, sound and art.

Learn practical techniques to support emotional expression through the body.

Key concepts of holding and giving space, active listening and the role of the observer.


You will learn:

We will look at the Brain, the myth of multi-tasking, the process of decision-making, and distraction.

Learn techniques to restore balance and harmony in times of uncertainty and emotion.

Practical ways to focus students’ attention through mindful movement, breath-work and body-mind centering techniques.

Techniques to improve co-ordination and dexterity- warm-ups for both brain and body!

Somatic Meditation practices and how meditation supports mental wellbeing.


You will learn:

Why creativity, play and imagination are critical to personal health, personality development and resilience.

Self-care practices to relax children as a group or in a one to one context.

Mindful Movement to calm and refresh minds and bodies.

How the body responds to imagery and the power of ideo-kinesis.


You will learn:

The science of touch, the physiology of sensation and how we interpret our environment through sensory stimulation.

Methods of non-verbal communication and expressive dialogue through movement.

Introduction to social haptic communication and body stories.

Integration and Grounding techniques for practical self-care.


On full completion of the modules- attendance (live or by replay) and assignment completion, participants will receive a certificate stating their participation in this course and the total learning hours. 

Learning Hours includes 12 hours online learning with live lectures and practical demonstrations, plus weekly reflection and practical coursework of 1.5 hours per week. Total Learning Hours are 21 hours.


Creative Wellbeing Foundation Program is 365 euro.

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