Laura Sarah Dowdall, dancer and Yoga and Wellbeing expert. Expression of the body through movement is the quickest way to emotional health. Easy ways to destress and release emotion through movement.

The Express Way to Emotional Health

Expression of the body through movement is the quickest way to emotional health.

Caring for our Emotional Health is a skill seldom taught- explored mostly through art and therapeutic practices, sometimes through words, and rarely through the body. Feeling and following our impulses and sensations enables us to decompress our worries and fears without the need to analyze and understand their meaning.

When emotion in the body is left unheard, the body gradually numbs, our instinctive nature lessens, we miss the warning signs of dis-ease, we can gain weight and lose out on a relationship vital to personal health and true happiness.

But this is easily fixed when we take steps to reconnect to the body and value our health enough to slow down and listen in!

My passion is supporting people to rediscover the wonders and depths of their body and inner experience. Through the experience of your body, you can change your state of mind, process emotions, invigorate health, and re-discover your natural ability to feel joy!

Why Movement Matters!

1.Sometimes what we feel has no reason or logic.

That is actually normal- we are influenced by so much aside from our direct experience- we need to compassionate and sincere to what we feel in order to let it go!

When we allow ourselves to be led by music or lyrics we bypass the analytical mind. We create an opportunity to express what we feel without the need to understand verbalizes it. Movement expresses what has no words.

2. Boost your joy! 

Movement increases our circulation, invigorates our body and activates endorphins to spread through the body which improves our sense of wellbeing.

Have you ever met a child who didn’t move, dance and play? When we are that young we know how to feel good, we just do it. We have no apprehensions as the critical self-aware aspect of our psyche has yet to fully develop. Fast track to feeling good simply through movement!

3. Dance to decompresses the nervous system.

Physical expression is an outlet that shifts what we hold tight inside to an experience that is made present and externalized. This opening can feel vulnerable initially but anything wonderful typically comes with an edge of apprehension.

Externalizing what we feel gives deep relief to the body, it unlocks constriction and allows fresh energy to replenish these spaces. You will literally lighten your sense of yourself through the action of expressive movement.

4. Reconnect with your Creativity!

The key to expressive movement for emotional health is to improvise, follow no steps other than the will and wish of your body! Free Movement activates the creative side of our brain and inspires it with fresh invigoration. Your zest for life will increase and you will feel more active and engaged in your everyday experience.

Six Quick Ways to Destress and Care for your Emotional Health through Movement:

  1. Play a song that reflects your mood. Allow the emotion to move through you without reserve. Most people have a damn holding back years of unregistered feelings. Movement is the most effective way to decompress what is held in the body. If you need a guide for this get in touch to see how I can support you.
  2. Shake it off! Vigorously bounce or shake your body all over in any way you like for the duration of a whole song (do on an empty stomach!)
  3. Play in any form brings a new perspective and shifts our mindset. Don’t you love how games reveal the instinctive nature of a person?
  4. Follow your instinct. Get into nature and wander without aim following your nose, discovering new paths and details in nature.
  5. Have a tantrum– stamp your feet, punch some pillows.
  6. Improvise your own version of Tai Chi or marshall art form!

The main thing is to JUST DO IT!

It is too easy to do nothing and remain in the emotion, fear or experience that absorbs our attention. Expressive movement is the easy, free, accessible quick fix to improve our mood, our energy and outlook on life!

Keep an eye on retreats and online classes to help you move and inspire your wellbeing!

This photo was taken during the filming of the Bantum & Loah Music Video “Take It” where I was Dancer – Choreographer. My ability to express through my work as a dancer has been vital to supporting my health and wellbeing.

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