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Meditation for Children

Kids are natural meditators with an innate instinct for self-care.

When kids are encouraged to nurture their ability to be present they can develop a foundation for wellbeing that will serve them for life! Meditation for Kids is engaging, imaginative, and fun for all the family to enjoy.

Value Expression and Instinct

Young children know what they need and how to get it. They are fully alive to the immediate moment. A baby wonderfully reflects the many emotions one can feel within the space of a short time.

As we develop, we learn to control our impulsive reactions – while this has its benefits we should be careful in reinforcing the value of expression, improvisation, and instinct. These are key qualities essential to self-care, health, and wellbeing.

As we age, we become more rigid in our way of thinking and moving as neural pathways, habits, and patterns of movement and thought become repeated and reinforced.

So to improve your dexterity, energy, and flexibility of mind and body- learn from your children, follow their instinctive flow, enter their imagination, and surrender your fullest attention.

Nurture their ability to be present

A child’s ability to present is what makes them so masterful at meditation. Meditation for kids offers an anchor of stability throughout their childhood development. The benefits of which will sustain their health and wellbeing throughout their adult life.

Finding ways to play and be present together helps both adult and child to hone the important skills of self-expression, awareness, and presence. Skills that need practice in order to retain and support our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Creative Meditation for Kids

Meditation for kids does not have to mean quietly sitting in stillness- there are many dynamic practices that are engaging and fulfilling to the imagination of kids and their parents!

Here is a meditation for kids to try while out in nature:

Invite your child to find a stone they like.

Explain to them that stones are special for their calming energy and that they help settle our minds and emotions.

Sit in nature together. Holding their chosen stone ask your child to notice any qualities of this stone (the weight, coolness, texture, pattern). Perhaps they tell you a story about this stone.

Explain how Nature keeps us grounded. As we grow, emotions and worries can sometimes over-crowd our mind. When we spend time in nature we can grow roots from our mind down into the earth and release our worries and concerns.

Explain how this stone can act as their connection to nature.  This stone can help them feel calm, strong, and confident in themselves.

Let your child know that this stone can help them anytime, all they need to do is sit quietly with their stone and let it absorb any of their worries.

For ideas on wellbeing for children, check out family and school events, creative wellbeing training for parents and teacher, and learning resources for children.

Have fun!


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