Meditation- Waking up to Life!

It may take old age, illness, or the death of a close family member to bring us to consider our own mortality. Death can shake us into a stark presence that awakens us to what matters most.

Death is a reminder of the gift of life. A reminder of our own mortality is humbling, it cuts through ego and superficiality, it brings us back to basics. It is an opportunity for truth and clarity. The covid pandemic has been a wake-up call for most of us.

Our proximity to death can cause us to reassess our values and the way we live our life. In this confrontation, we can discover our real fears and our real strengths.

If you can face Death you can face life!

Most of our life we are kept busy with the rituals and routines of daily living – with the largest portion of our life spent working. In the western world, our focus is largely external, many of us move through life without any reflection on the inner nature of our being- our soul.

The soul can be described as the subtle energy that creates life- it comes into the body when we are born and leaves the body when we die. This part of ourselves is eternal and unchanging.

When we recognize this eternal essence within us we can feel more whole, connected and awake to the reality of who we truly are… a lot more than just a body!

Talking about the soul and death can create discomfort due to the fear of the unknown which they represent. But having an awareness of our soul and mortality supports us to truly awaken to life and be fully present to its gifts and unfolding.

Meditation: Presence + Liberation

The practice of meditation liberates the mind from a contracted state to one of expansive potential. For example, you may feel anxious about a decision that literally tightens your mind and body. Through the process of meditation, we need to let go in order to be fully present. After meditating your perspective will have shifted and you can look at your problem from a wider perspective and with greater clarity.

Meditation is known to not only support us through life but also through death. It is a practice of surrendering and letting go that reflects the process of death. For more on this, I wholeheartedly suggest reading the ‘Tibetan Book of Living and Dying’ by Sogyal Rinpoche.

Meditation is like learning any new activity we need to practice it in order for it to become part of our habit. The practice of meditation extends our ability to be present. As we develop this habit it gradually becomes a natural state of being that enriches every aspect of our lives and ultimately prepares you for letting go when death does arrive at your door.

Every day dies and a new one begins.

Treat each day as a gift and you’ll live in absolute love and gratitude for all it presents.

To learn more about meditation and self-development- check out:  weekly classes, online resources, and one to one sessions.

Don’t wait til it’s too late, discover more about yourself through meditation. Your health and happiness will be greater for it!

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