How to live a life of greater fulfilment and joy.

How to live a more fulfilling life!

It takes courage to follow your heart!

A fulfilling life integrates the truth of body, heart, and soul.

The biggest deterrent to living the life we dream is our doubt and fear of what others might think. We prioritize and even catastrophize the potential consequences. We amply consider the risks, but what about the benefits.

You can postpone until all your ducks are in a row (you are ready!). But this may take a lifetime. The question I always come back to is- what if today was my last day- what would you regret not trying or giving time to?

… I am so glad I gave time to… I wish I had done more of…

It is too easy to spend our short lives thinking I’ll do it tomorrow but realistically for most “tomorrow” remains tomorrow and can continue to evade us as a priority or possibility today.

Honestly reflect on what you are postponing, ask yourself some confronting questions- What makes life fulfilling for me? How can I invite more of that into my every day? What am I willing to change to make that happen?

Do you want more quality time with your family? Time alone to travel and learn more about your self? To live in the country rather than the city? To write a book? To work less? To learn more?

What one thing will you do today to set that course of a life more fulfilling.

Top tips for living a more fulfilling life:

1.Work out what you want.

As the exercise above supports you to do. Without a goal you have no roadmap to follow. Make it simple – as few words as possible. You do not need to know HOW! but decide what you want. Make the goal short and simple so you can remember it easily and wake to that aspiration each day.

When you’re mind has a focus it actively notices things that will support progress in that direction- that could be noticing an ad in the newspaper, choosing to talk to someone randomly… trust the magic of coincidence and syncronicity!

2. Trust and hand over the HOW! to the universe and the powers of attraction.

To do this effectively take time to meditate every morning to clear your mind, observe your own thinking. As you grow in self-awareness you will see or hear the negative beliefs and fearful thoughts that hold you back. Listen and let them pass.

Meditation teaches you to separate from the thinking and realise you are the awareness behind this that is of infinite potential. You can wider perspective and are less constraint by your thoughts. You will feel more optomistic and empowered as you continue to meditate daily and build greater self-awareness.

3. Appreciate all that is great in your life.

When we consciously recognize and acknowledge what makes us feel good, we are also inviting more of this experience into our lives. Be genuine in this practice, faking it will only invite more of the same (faking it).

What do you value? Usually, these are things that are not material, like relationships, love, friendship, nature, free time for yourself, feelings of wellbeing, deep relaxation, space. Appreciate and recognize the positive feelings that you’d love to experience more of.

Many people want more of something- they focus on the object rather than the good sensations and feelings it generates. Be sincere and you will see that sincerity is rewarded with more experiences that give you that same beneficial feeling and state of being. Be grateful for all the good in your current experience and see how that will expand to offer you more and more.

4. Develop Self Compassion.

With greater conscious awareness we see the negative thoughts and realize how we are limiting ourselves through our self-judgments. When we hear these with unconditional love rather than frustration we give space for healing and changing this pattern.

Be your own best friend… or better! Don’t ignore what arises but also don’t obsess in it. Meditation teaches you to let thoughts flow through to be acknowledged, as your conciousness increases through practice you will see that you become less and less attached to these thoughts and the space between them extends.

As you live your life more mindfully- choosing what feels good for you? Your experience of daily life changes which will effect your outlook on life, your thoughts and perspectives.

Meditation is they key to unlocking the doors of self-care that empowers you to live a more fulfilling life set to your own accord!!

5. Keep up the practice!

Lastly, any new skill needs repetition- fulfilling any goal requires rigour and commitment. Set a reminder to meditate every day and every day do something that nourishes you towards your life goals!!

Stay inspired and keep your routine going!! As you come to experience the benefits of this, you will see this daily practice as a blessing rather than a task to complete. Have gratitude for your commitment to your self. You are the best supporter you can have! Simple things make a huge shift in our life- we just need persistence to keep it up especially on tough days.

Don’t judge yourself. Anytime you forget or don’t do it just move on and set another time. A grudge only weighs you down. Be light with your self, let nothing “stick”. Do your best with your goal in mind!

6. Fill up on all that makes your feel good!!

The fill in fulfill reflects the wholeness we seek through our dreams and ambitions. Keep the perspective of being whole and fulfilled now, when we are in a mindset of lack we diminish our ability to attract anything other than that into our lives.

Resource yourself with experiences, work, people and places that create the joy you wish to welcome more and more of into your life. Use joy as an indicator of whether you are on the right track.

Take some practical steps towards your dreams- check out one-to-one sessions or check out weekly classes focused on living a more fulfilling life.

Heartful happiness to you,

Laura x

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