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How to breathe better and therefore live better!
Breathing Practices

How to Breathe Better!

We’ve all heard the term breath of life, but how often do we notice this vital function and realize it’s significance to our health and longevity. Changing how you breathe changes your life! The quality of your breath determines the quality of

effective-rest-recovery-rehabilitation. Laura Sarah Dowdall dancer, somatic movement & yoga teacher -
Injury Rehabilitation

How to Effectively Rest for Recovery & Rehabilitation

Rest is essential to recovery and rehabilitation, so why is it a challenge and how can we learn to appreciate the benefits of slowing down! When an old injury from my ballet days revisited and when I prescribed myself a

Fundraiser for CHILDLINE ISPCC by Healing Yoga

Fundraiser for Childline, ISPCC Charity

FAMILY WORKSHOP FOR CHILDLINE Thank you for your support. The mission of the ISPCC Childline is to see an Ireland where all children are heard and valued. Our fundraiser Move & Groove workshop for families took place on 26th April

Keeping Perspective in the Covid Pandemic. Be Well with

Keeping Perspective in the Covid Pandemic

I have never heard so many birds and seen so many #bees!!! ?  Keeping a focus on positive events can be a great reassurance and support as we are challenged with covid restrictions and social-distancing! Our mindset is key to


Vulnerability- From Fear into Light

Astrologers say a full moon represents a pivotal time when we are asked to amplify our light by facing our fear! As I sat in the direction of the rising sun this morning, the beautiful new statue of Quan Yin in

Emotional health for wellbeing

Emotional Health- Tears and Fears

Better out than in– is wise advice! When we hold back or suppress our emotion, itseeps through the pores of our sub-conscious at a later stage, surprising us at a time when a big reaction may not seem so justified.

yoga for the spine

Yoga for the Spine

A healthy spine not only equals fluidity and flexibility in the body, it also is linked to longevity, dexterity, and vitality. Yoga for the Spine aids a whole body detox, cleanse, release and realignment. Here is an extract from the

vitality yoga retreats in ireland

Yoga Retreats in Ireland

Vitality Yoga retreats are unique to Ireland, they offer a specialist blend of wellness experiences they offer focused on whole-person wellbeing through movement and meditation, as Positive Life Magazine shares in the article below. As the evenings slowly lengthen and

Laura Sarah Dowdall, dancer and Yoga and Wellbeing expert. Expression of the body through movement is the quickest way to emotional health. Easy ways to destress and release emotion through movement.

Laura’s Story- An Interview

What Makes Laura Sarah Dowdall Tick Laura Sarah Dowdall is interviewed by Patrick Hyland who picks the brains of inspirational people to find out what motivates them and makes them tick. In ‘What Makes You Tick’ I get the chance

Kids Yoga camp
Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga Camp: Creative Wellbeing!

Kids Yoga camp focused on creative wellbeing approaches is mentioned in the Irish Times as one of the “Top things to do with Children this summer!” Laura offers a unique week-long kids summer camp focused on empowering children with the

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