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Together Apart

Stop looking for Heaven, Find Earth and Heaven will come to meet you! 🌸These words always inspire me to stop looking outside for answers, settle into what exists and realise with gratitude all that is offered to you. I have


The Express way to Emotional Health

[cmsms_row][cmsms_column data_width=”1/1″][cmsms_gallery layout=”slider” image_size_slider=”full” slider_effect=”slide” slider_autoplay=”true” slider_slideshow_speed=”7″ slider_animation_speed=”600″ slider_pause_on_hover=”true” slider_rewind=”true” slider_rewind_speed=”1000″ slider_nav_control=”true” animation_delay=”0″]1221|×200.png[/cmsms_gallery][cmsms_text] This photo was taken during the filming of the Bantum & Loah Music Video “Take It” where I was Dancer – Choreographer. My ability to express through


Look Within- Don’t Wait til it’s too late!

It may take old age, illness or the death of a close family member to bring us to the acceptance of our morality. In this honesty we meet our raw self, our raw truth. The deepest part of ourself that

Body First – How pain gives access to healing.

[cmsms_row][cmsms_column data_width=”1/1″][cmsms_gallery layout=”slider” image_size_slider=”full” slider_effect=”slide” animation_delay=”0″]1793|×200.jpg[/cmsms_gallery][cmsms_text] We express our need for head-space but how often do we feel the need for body-space. Doing a somatic meditation practice this morning many body sensations arose. As I breathed into them and gave

Tears and Fears: The benefits of a sad movie!

Better out than in– is wise advice indeed! What we hold back or suppress, seeps through the pores of our sub-conscious at a later stage, surprising us at a time when a big reaction may not seem so justified. But here


Body Wisdom

Today I felt provoked by a situation that made me feel annoyed and frustrated. I realised how I was feeling but continued to motor ahead with my tasks regardless of what I was feeling. Then I caught myself and realised I


Somatic Tension Release Workshop in 2017

[cmsms_row][cmsms_column data_width=”1/1″][cmsms_text][/cmsms_text][/cmsms_column][/cmsms_row][cmsms_row data_width=”boxed” data_padding_left=”3″ data_padding_right=”3″ data_color=”default” data_bg_color=”#ffffff” data_bg_position=”top center” data_bg_repeat=”no-repeat” data_bg_attachment=”scroll” data_bg_size=”cover” data_bg_parallax_ratio=”0.5″ data_color_overlay=”#000000″ data_overlay_opacity=”50″ data_padding_top=”0″ data_padding_bottom=”50″][cmsms_column data_width=”1/1″][cmsms_text animation_delay=”0″] Workshop with Laura Sarah Dowdall: Somatic Movement & Tension Release This workshop will bring you on a somatic journey through active


Divine Feminine in France

A retreat to energise and reconnect took me to the South of France in recent days. With the guidance of wonderful friends I visited sacred sites along the Rose Line, the area of the Cathars, the village of Rennes-le-Château and it’s


International Yoga Day at Áras an Uachtaráin

The 21st of June this week saw global celebrations mark International Day of Yoga! Healing Yoga was honoured to be invited to a Garden Party hosted by President Higgins and his wife Sabina in the beautiful grounds of Áras an Uachtaráin! The day

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