Awaken, Attune & Align with a magical retreat day in a sacred setting.

February holds much magic as we celebrate the beginning of Imbolc, Spring and the powerful archetype of Brigid. 

Brigid is the matron saint of Ireland – recognised as a Saint, a Goddess and a leader of Ireland, she appears in mythologies around the world as a protector of women and children, a symbol of power, creativity, passion, and great courage. We will be awakening these aspects within ourselves and journeying with our inner self, our inner Bríd as we explore the beautiful landscape of our retreat.

Spring time energy invites our hearts to bloom into greater amplitude, coherence, courage (coeur-age!), and confidence.

We will journey with the heart to unearth, nourish and restore its vibrancy and coherence, reinstating it as the electromagnetic centre from which we process, learn and lead our lives

Our hearts radiate energy as much as 60x times greater than our brain, it’s time to see ourselves from our natural state of fullness and far-reaching potential and power.

Deepen your roots and reconnect to the wisdom of your heart as we venture into the woods for a joyful day of reawakening to our heartful path!

Being in connection with the land and the elements further empowers the healing energy of our journeywork and the far-reaching resonance of our constellation practices.

Small group guided journey

For Women and Men 


This Empowering Retreat will:

+ Resource and Inspire you to trust your creative instinct and take action on your ideas

+ Support you to stand stronger in your truth, passion and power

Discover more of your authentic self, to open deeper to your intuition

+ Embody greater joy, empower inner freedom and align with your soul path

+ Kindle your creative fire and awaken your gifts 


Nature-based workshops support us to:

+ Align with the seasons, reconnect us to the cycles of nature, and the coming of more light, 

+ Boost our energy and encourage our creative ideas to take bloom

+ Awaken us to the bigger picture, get perspective on our lives and the direction we wish to take forward

+ Reconnect to our ancestors, the gifts of the natural elements and the power of ritual


Our practices will create a living mandala for transformation & awakening through:

~ Mindful Walking, Tree Meditation, Forest Bathing

~ Elemental Chi Gung in the Forest, Embodiment Practices to stay warm

~ Journey-work to empower your full potential, honour your past and align with your present

~ Connect with the powerful energy of Brigid

~ Constellation Practice to align to our heart and soul path

~ Ritual for new beginnings & more



SPRING ~ brigid's day retreat

feb 18th: 9:30am - 4pm


Meeting Point Gathering (Location details will be text to you)


Centering: Planting Roots

Walking Meditation


Movement Alchemy

Forest Bathing & Tree Connection

12 noon

Healing Journey, Meeting Goddess Brid

Picnic in the Woods, Food to Share




Constellation Practice- group process inviting the healing of grief, separation, loss, shame, trauma and broken bonds and restoring belonging, love and support

Ritual: Walking into the light



Unconditional Love Meditation: Connecting to Mother Earth

Integration, Sharing & Return Walk


participant feedback:

“I have learned to be in my heart and come out of my head. I feel connected, earthed. This was more than I expected. A very powerful experience benefitting soul and body.” (Adrianna)

“Incredible, Mind-Blowing, Freeing, Beautiful, Full of Love. Laura is incredibly gifted and very inspiring. This was pure joy! For anyone wanting to feel free!”

“I feel strength and so much love and gratitude for this rediscovery and this special weekend. It feels like something was re-opened. My body feels free, alive, connected, rested, earthed, creative, wondrous and delightful!” (Niamh)


Your retreat host

Laura brings her expertise as a Dancer, Yogi, Energy Healer, Intuitive, Family Constellation Work Facilitator and Somatic Movement Therapist to take you on a journey of embodied bliss, reconnection, joy and new potential!

what to bring?

Warm Waterproof Jacket/Raincoat, hat, gloves, warm layers, waterproof trousers, boots for the forest incase it is muddy in parts.

Small back pack with:

+ Extra clothing, gloves, hat, extra socks, leggings under trousers if you feel the cold easily

+ Foldable mat or cushion to put under you when we sit in the forest 

+ Flask with a hot drink and portable cup!!

+ Snacks, lunch for yourself, sweet/savoury food to share

+ Torch, always good to have

+ Pieces of wood to offer to the fire to welcome Spring, give gratitude to your ancestors & welcome new beginnings 


Meeting at 9:30am , Thursday Feb 18th, in Roundwood to carpool to our location 

Details will be texted to you the week of the retreat.

If weather conditions are unfavourable we will use the cosey studio space of The Calm Rooms in Monkstown for this retreat day.

Any change you will be contacted by text/whats app the day before.


participant experience:

“The retreat was enlightening, re-connecting and relaxing. Laura makes it a very special experience.

I feel energised, refreshed, rested, reconnected, grateful, open and relaxed.” (Geraldine)

“I found the entire experience very fulfilling. I really enjoyed the dancing after initially being quite inhibited. I feel happy, open, warm, light and invigorated.” (Ann)

“I loved Laura’s energy and enthusiasm. The weekend was fabulous, creative, thoughtful, inspired, fun and playful. I am feeling inspired, connected, spacious, joyful, unbridled, powerful, sensual, happy, free, loving, safe, grateful, vibrant and whole.” (Victoria)


This journey is offered for a small group only. 

This is a unique opportunity to do deep personal, ancestral, systemic and soul development work in Nature with the support of like-minded community, the elements, and expert guidance. 

Please take in mind the energy, planning, care and powerful healing each person receives through these events, thank you for enabling these special retreats to support our personal and collective journeys.

Exchange: 150 euro per person 

Please revolut Laura @lauraflpt / phone number 087-9633229 to secure your booking or use the stripe payment links below.


This is a unique and powerful journey process that creates healing that will ripple into all aspects of your life and that of your family.

The ancestral and land healing aspect of this workshop will radiate healing to our ancestors of the past, our family of the present and generations yet to come.

For more information & videos see- Facebook & Instagram

Email me with any questions: laura@healingyoga.ie

Laura’s contact number: 087-9633229 


If you cancel within 24 hours of the event your payment will be retained in full to cover the cost of your place. Cancellations within 48 hours of the event will be refunded with a 50 euro deduction.

Cancellations before this time (with more than 48 hours notice) can be fully refunded or used for another event.



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