Family Wellbeing Workshops

Parent & Child Movement Workshops

Family Wellbeing is an interactive workshop for parents and children to learn about wellbeing and self-care through play.

Workshops include: dance, yoga, body puzzles, meditation, and techniques to relieve anxiety, soothe worry, increase confidence and support positive mindset.

Families explore new ways to be creative in how we communicate and care for each other.

The Importance of Play

As adults we become more rigid in our way of thinking and moving.

In this workshop parents will reawaken all the main movement patterns in their body, improve their dexterity, flexibility, creativity and sense of joy through expressive practices.

Parents will feel wonderful and children will be overjoyed to learn, play and explore together!

From this place of shared play and expression, both parent and child can better relate to each other, experience a greater bond and feel more ease and comfort in expressing how they feel to each other.

Workshop benefits

  • Parents will learn ways to bring more playfulness and fun into home life that will improve the bond between family members and support the family’s overall wellbeing – emotional, mental and physical.
  • Family workshops are an opportunity for both parents and children to observe and learn from each other.
  • Parents, who are usually the leaders, will experience receiving from their children. Children, who are usually the receivers, get to give to their parents – they will direct some of the exercises and learn how to be responsible and caring for their parent
  • Parents get to see how their children learn. And children get to see their parents as learners, something that doesn’t happen very often- setting a great example for their children.
  • There will be some activities that the children can do better than the parents. This humanises the parent and eases the pressure that their children’s expectations can create.
  • This workshop gives parents the chance to care for their wellbeing and be positive role models for their children. Leading by example, the children will have more respect for the practices they are learning and better understand the effect of doing them. The time together will be positively reinforced by interaction and exchange between family members that encourages affection and appreciation of each other. 
  • This workshop offers the skills to create quality time with your family without the need for any resources, entertainment, expense or travel!

About the facilitator

Laura is a Yoga, Somatic Movement and Wellbeing expert and a professionally trained Dancer.

Her passion, knowledge, and experience create a nurturing environment that supports mental health, self-compassion, deep relaxation, and stress release.

Her Creative Wellbeing approach supports children’s emotional and mental health through movement expression, meditation and self-care. She provides training for Healthcare workers, Teachers and Parents.

Her work has featured in the Irish Times, Irish Independent, TV3 & International Wellness Websites. 

Upcoming Family Events


Mom & Me Day-Retreats!

DATES: March, April, May
Mom & Me Sunday Retreats are a fun and nourishing day-out for Mothers and Daughters focused on emotional health and wellbeing. Enjoy practices to destress, reduce worry, calm anxiety, increase self-confidence and resilience.

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Creative Wellbeing Teacher Training supports the physical, mental & emotional health of children through yoga, creative movement & self-care-

Creative Wellbeing for Parents + Teachers

Next Course: April 20th – May 25th 2023
A six-week online course that supports the wellbeing needs of children through movement, meditation and self-care.
For teachers, parents and those caring for children of all needs & abilities.

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Kids Yoga + Creative Wellbeing

DATES: Thursday 4:30-5:30pm (8-12yrs) 5:45-6:45pm (13-16yrs)

Creative Wellbeing focuses on resourcing children with the skills of self-care, stress relief and inner resilience. This program blends many movement modalities such as yoga, chi gung, dance and dynamic meditation to help destress and relieve anxiety as well as creative tasks and group work exercises to encourage their self-esteem and awareness of their strengths, needs and interests.

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