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For Primary and Secondary Schools 

Creative Wellbeing supports the emotional and mental health of young adults through yoga, somatic movement, self-inquiry, expressive arts, meditation, breath work and self-care practices for everyday life.

Wellbeing workshops are bespoke to each school’s needs, and customised to the interests of their students.

Delivered as part of Wellness Week or as a series of School Workshops for Teachers, Parents and Students.
This program is engaging, interactive, and informative.


Primary School Students will explore:
+ Creative Movement, Yoga, Dance & Mindful Movement practices to feel great, release worry, clear thoughts, restore energy
+ Meditation, Breathwork and Self Care tools to calm, sleep better, reduce worry
+ Body puzzles to destress, play, and collaborate with peers
+ Partner work to support interpersonal skills, empathy, understanding and compassionate skills for self and others
+ Practical skills for life to support their daily experience- First Aid Self Care!
Secondary School Student program includes: 

+ The science behind wellbeing practices 

+ How creativity, movement and self-expression support our emotional health, 

+ A diversity of effective techniques to support a diversity of emotional needs, abilities and ages

+ The physiological benefits of wellness practices, yoga, meditation and self-regulation techniques

+ Techniques to support them in decision-making

+ How to better connect to their needs and to communicate from a place of self-awareness 

+ Self Compassion practices to support self-esteem and personal resilience


student workshops

The aim is to empower and resource children and young adults with the skills to care for their own physical, emotional and mental health.

Students will learn the science behind wellbeing, how creative expression supports resilience and mental health, and experience the physiological benefits of practical self-care techniques that they can apply to their everyday life.

Focus on: Stress Release, Creative Expression, Grounding, Anxiety release & Self-care

What does that look like:

+ Dynamic movement to destress- yoga, chi gung and dance

+ Grounding practices to take them out of patterns of anxiety, to relax and most of all to have fun!

+ Body puzzles- solo puzzle, partner task and a group exercise

+ Self Soothing practices for individual selfcare

Each workshop is adapted to the age, interests and abilities of each workshop group.


Movement workshop to let go of the strain and stress of the recent years- through yoga, tension release exercises, self-care skills and creative wellbeing practices.

Teachers will learn Creative Wellbeing techniques that they can share with students in the classroom.

Workshops are interactive and engaging, they provide practical resources to care for and sustain physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing throughout the school year.

Principals, Staff, Teachers and Assistants are experiencing new anxieties, concerns and fears. These worries have a direct impact on their wellbeing, their ability to teach and directly impact the learning experience of their students.

When we are worried or anxious it creates stress in our body, this depletes the effectiveness of our immune system and creates burn-out.

Schools need their Teaching staff healthy and happy to sustain their workforce and effectiveness.


Focused on how parents can support their child with practical tools to engage their focus and interest, help them sleep better, and be present to their child’s needs. 

Parent’s will be introduced to compassionate listening exercises and family movement practices for de-stressing, grounding and caring for each other.

An interactive session with movement, guided meditation and self-care practices that can be used to support the relationship between parents and their children.

Parent and Child/ Family Workshops are also available:

A 2 hour workshop on a weekend or after school bespoke to each schools needs & interests.

Focused on: partner work exercises, creative tasks between parent and child, partner yoga, body puzzles, dance, sensory games, listening, communication practices to learn more about each other, selfcare tasks to create a space for deeper connection and support.

Check out Parent and Child Events here.


School wellness workshops blend the best of:

  • Somatic Movement for Neurological Health, Calm and Relaxation
  • Life and Wellness Coaching techniques to support self compassion and care
  • Meditation and Energy Balancing techniques for self awareness and resilience
  • Tension release practices to relieve stress, anxiety, overwhelm and worry
  • Yoga, Developmental Movement Patterns, & Embodiment practices to destress, release tension and restore grounding
  • Creative Expression through Art, Writing, Sound & Self Expression
  • Self Inquiry- developing an understanding of personal interests, strengths and ambitions

Skills for Life

Students will learn how to:

• De-stress their mind and body,

• Reduce worry, anxiety and tension,

• Sleep better at night,

• Calm their mind and body in day to day scenarios,

• Regain focus and clarity,

• Develop their inner confidence,

• Communicate how they feel,

• Express pent up emotion in a healthy constructive way,

• Make decisions that are right for them!

These workshops will support teens to care for their mental and emotional wellbeing through movement, meditation, self care, life skills, yoga and creative expression through voice, words, art and dance.

We need to support our children and young adults with practical skills to support their everyday health and mental and emotional wellbeing.

Program for parents & educators

The content of the School Wellness program is based on many years teaching children and young adults dance, yoga, meditation techniques, life skills and the tools for mental and emotional wellbeing through camps, classes, school wellbeing programs and family workshops.

Workshops based on this program have been created for Parents, Teachers and social workers to help them support the children they care for- check out The Creative Wellbeing Program for details on this six week course for adults.

So what did parents and teachers have to say after completing this course: 

This course exceeded my expectations. The breadth, depth and gentleness of the exercises made them easy to translate into every day teaching with all ages and capabilities! Laura also incorporated lots of self- care practices along the way….something very much appreciated!”

Michelle – Primary School Teacher

“A super programme with lots of useful information, very practical with a deep dive into the science behind each of the practices. For anyone working in a supportive role with children, this essential programme offers practical guidance on how to support children and equip them with the tools needed to thrive in these uncertain times.”

Grainne – Parent

secondary school/ transition year workshops:

Day Workshops are typically 10-3pm and include:

Morning session-

Yoga & Somatic Movement for Tension and Stress Release

Body Puzzles for Co-ordination & Dexterity

Creative Writing & Expressive Art for Anxiety Relief

After Short Break-

Meditation + How to apply it to everyday life

The Science behind Wellbeing, Emotional Health & the Importance of Creative Health

Practical Techniques for everyday Self Care and Stress Management

After Lunch Break-

Techniques to Boost Focus and Energy, Increase Ease and Improve Sleep

Communication techniques for Authentic Communication

Deep Rest + Relaxation

science of wellbeing

Within the Science of Wellbeing section of the workshop, topics may include:

How stress affects our body and mind. 

What is meant by Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Wellbeing.

Why creativity, play and imagination are critical to personal health, personality development and resilience.

How Self-care practices create calmness and clarity.

How Mindful Movement and Body Puzzles can refresh our brain, our focus, our ability to learn and improve our coordination.

How the body responds to imagery and how this can soothe our nervous system, and calm our stress response.

The science of touch, the physiology of sensation and how embodiment and sensory awareness can relieve anxiety and worry.

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