Wellbeing workshops FOR TEACHERS

Workshops are interactive and engaging, they provide participants with the resources to care for and sustain their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing throughout the school year.

Principals, Staff, Teachers and Assistants are experiencing new anxieties, concerns and fears. These worries have a direct impact on their wellbeing, their ability to teach and directly impact the learning experience of their students.

When we are worried or anxious it creates stress in our body, this depletes the effectiveness of our immune system and creates burn-out.

Schools need their Teaching staff healthy and happy to sustain their workforce and effectiveness.

We cannot help others when we do not help ourselves, but first we need to know how.

Wellbeing is practical and easily applied to our everyday.

The only challenge is building the habit of self-care, so this program runs continuously throughout the school year to support teachers to build upon their wellbeing resources and develop a positive attitude and habit of self-care.


Teachers workshops are designed to support all aspects of Wellbeing:

Workshop topics include:

  • Soothing Anxiety: The power of Self Compassion and practical tools for daily care
  • The Immune System: How to nourish wellbeing from the inside out in creative and practical ways
  • Sleep Well: Relaxation techniques for deep restorative sleep & methods to refresh tired minds
  • How to Replenish Energy: Techniques to increase and soothe our energetic needs whatever the situation
  • Grounding & Clarity: How to care for your self in moments of high stress, trauma, panic and concern
  • Non-Verbal Communication:  how to inspire trust and connection
  • Loneliness: Replacing contact and connection through communication and self-care practices
  • The Power of Creativity: Creative tasks to unlock tension and restore potential and perspective
  • Healing Yoga for Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Somatic Movement for Stress and Tension Release
  • Attention Span + Focus – Practical tips to restore energy, concentration and calm (for students and teachers!)
  • Meditation for Soothing Mind and Body
  • The Art of Wellbeing – Creative practical ways to bring more lightness into your life

“Students felt a lot calmer and seemed a lot brighter in their expressions afterwards. They seemed settled and relaxed. I felt a good energy from them for the rest of the day. I would recommend this workshop, I love the techniques and will use them for helping children with worries or bad feelings.”

3rd class Teacher

Wellbeing Workshops share methodology& techniques from

Yoga, Somatic Movement, Developmental movement, Ideo-Kinesis, Meditation, Holistic Dance Practices, Focusing technique, Life Coaching practices, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience and new areas of research, learning and development.

Wellbeing Workshops for Croke Park Hours

The topics outlined above are available as workshops for staff as part of the School’s Croke Park Hours.

Workshops can be custom designed to your school’s specific needs & interests.


to book a workshop:

Workshops are priced based on the bespoke needs of a school or staff team, whether delivered as a once-off event, interactive talk or a series of workshops, online or in person. 

Each workshop is designed to the needs of the teaching staff and can be delivered as part of a School wellness day for students, teachers and parents.

Contact laura@healingyoga.ie to arrange a call to discuss your schools needs



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