Restore Balance

Just as nature shifts with every season- we need to adapt to restore our balance.

We see this shift in the new year and in times of fresh beginnings, where a natural motivation to improve or change an aspect of our life may emerge.

My focus in all my one-to-one sessions (coaching and integrated healing) and classes (yoga, meditation, dance and somatic movement) is Restoring Balance; how to maintain homeostasis throughout your day that keeps your energy consistent, your mood positive and your perspective broad.

It is easy to feel driven off-centre by the emotions our interactions create throughout our day.

Emotions instantly change our body physiology, energy and attitude, therefore changing our experience of the environment and people around us.

Emotions make life interesting, teach us valuable lessons and help us better express ourselves- but sometimes they can come at the expense of our energy, personal relations and/or health.

Observe your emotions, Acknowledge them, Enjoy them but be aware of them. See what this can teach you about yourself?

Notice how the physical body’s response changes based on different emotions- how does anxiety, joy, confusion feel?

Empower yourself to listen to the inner workings of your mind and body by being mindful (turning off auto-pilot) – this can simply be done by:

  • engaging fully in every little task you do,
  • by finding new details within your daily routine,
  • by noticing your mood and deciding to actively change it,
  • by observing your breathing and how this observation automatically improves your mental clarity, focus and feelings of wellbeing.

Sounds too simple? Is there no-time, are you too busy?

There will always be an excuse, don’t cheat yourself, a little awareness goes a very long way.

Once you feel the positive effects it will become natural and instinctive.

If you feel like a little help you know you are always welcome to call me, drop-in to my classes or visit my practice.

My Top Recommendation for this Month:

butterfly freedom

Integrated Healing for Wellbeing

One to one session 60-90 minutes in your home or my private practice.

A combination of healing modalities and techniques customised to your optimum benefit.

“Had a private healing/yoga session with Laura Sarah it was the most amazing healing/yoga session that I have ever experienced. I felt so empowered and really strong and focused. Thanks again Laura Sarah, I will be back for more. Great value for money.”
Isabelle, July 2015

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