yoga for the spine

Yoga for the Spine

A healthy spine not only equals fluidity and flexibility in the body, it also is linked to longevity, dexterity, and vitality.

Yoga for the Spine aids a whole body detox, cleanse, release and realignment.

Here is an extract from the ‘Tao of Detox’ by Daniel Reid below-

“The spine, known as ‘The Ladder to Heaven,’ links the earth energies that rise up from the ground with the cosmic energies that rain down from the sky and transforms them into frequencies and patterns that may be utilized by the human energy system.

If the spine is blocked or kinked or misaligned with the head and sacrum, the spinal energy channels cannot properly conduct and transform the various energies that the breathing exercises generate.”

The Spine as an Energy Channel

There are distinct types of energy travel through the spine- nerve signal energy, which travels to the spinal cord and links the brain to the peripheral parts of the body.

During deep breathing exercises, the calming parasympathetic branch of the nervous system is activated, which then links the brain directly with the endocrine glands that govern detoxification and immune responses.

Other forms of energy/information that travel along the spine control the various internal organs and tissues of the body through the network of meridians. And the third energy associated with the spine is the cosmic energy that enters through the crown of the head and moves down through the chakra system to the sacrum.

“If the spine is misaligned, cramped, or blocked due to injuries or habitual poor posture, all three forms of energy are obstructed and become stagnant. The entire system grows weak and sluggish and becomes vulnerable to disease and degeneration.”

Yoga for the Spine

Moving Cat:

In slow motion, imagine your spine simulating and tracking the rise and fall of a wave.

Extend the movement so you move from hare pose diving forward keeping elbows on the ground as long as you can before raising upwards to the peak of your wave.

In Kids yoga classes I give them the imagery of a cat licking milk… incase that helps!

Bridge Pose:

Raising the pelvis fractionally more each time until you create a diagonal or “ski-slope” from your knees to your chin.

Coming down be sure to sense the movement from the top of the spine, between your eyes, down your neck and vertebrae by vertebrae all the way down til your pelvis relaxes fully on the floor.

To benefit from the movement along the spine you need to relax completely each time you come down.

Also, protect your knees as they often flay outwards in bridge pose- counter this by pressing down through the big toe joint.

Sphinx Pose:

Lie belly down and place your hands under your shoulders or slightly infront of you. Press your pubic bone down into the floor to initiate an arch in your back. This press through the pelvis downwards supports your spine. Slowly feel the vertebrae curl up from the floor as you press into your arms to take your chest up.

As you press into your hands slide the arm forward so your elbow rests on the ground. Your bent arms, elbows down support you to stay upright. Slowly reverse to return back to the floor.

Adjust your arms to a position that feels most comfortable. This might mean sliding your arms further forwards to begin so you don’t raise your chest so high. Pace yourself.

Take your Spine through its full range of movements –

  1. Flexion which is forward bending.
  2. Extension which is bending backwards.
  3. Lateral flexion is side bending.
  4. Rotation which is a twisting motion.

For a more in-depth spinal experience check out my classes and online resources for members where I share body puzzles and movement to balance body and brain as well as detoxifying and unraveling asana to unlock the spine and shoulders!

Love your spine- give it a twist and twirl every day!


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