Somatic Tension Release Workshop

Workshop with Laura Sarah Dowdall: Somatic Movement & Tension Release

This workshop will bring you on a somatic journey through active breath work, mindful movement, body-mind centering practices, tension release exercises and movement fundamentals that will greatly enhance your body-mind connection, self-awareness, co-ordination and ability to manage stress.
You will learn practical movement techniques to create the energy you need for any situation be it – energising, calming or to bring sharp concentration and focus.

Open to all levels of yoga experience. The workshop will involves elements of partnering and floor based work (away from the yoga-mat!).. but do not fear! It will be euphoric! You will leave uplifted, energised and dancing down the streets!

Please bring warm layers of clothing for different parts of the workshop (including socks). You may also like to bring a pen & paper to take some notes.

Date: February 18th from 2 – 4:30pm

Facebook event details: February Workshop with Laura Sarah Dowdall

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