Look Within- Don’t Wait til it’s too late!

It may take old age, illness or the death of a close family member to bring us to the acceptance of our morality.

In this honesty we meet our raw self, our raw truth. The deepest part of ourself that stays in the background, a minor character never centre stage. This part has no ego driving its ambitions – it is eternally patient, clear and unchanging.

It lies in the shadow, perhaps never to be met. This happens out of fear, or ignorance. We are afraid of our shadow, our pain, our death.
But this fear, or ability to smother this aspect of our self denies us our power and perspective.

Life is a means of learning- we all have our light and our shadow, joys and pains. To be still and allow the depth of the self space to come forward is to give space for the wolf to meet you in the forest.

In our vulnerability we humbly listen without judgement, acknowledge our shadow and integrate its lessons to enrich our lives.
We are here in this life afterall to progress in our human capacity to love. This underlies any intention that feeds our soul, gives us energy and sustenance to keep going.

Don’t wait til you have a life crisis to discover your soul self. Learn to drop into awareness, quiet the body and the mind, and rest and resource from this vast place of no-thing and everything.

To know yourself is the greatest gift.
Take time this 2020 to come to know the you that knows you better than anyone , the you that unconditionally loves you, the you that came into this life and will leave it.

Know thyself and in this you can experience the freedom which you crave.

My work assists this meeting of self, this reconnection to personal power and innate wellbeing.

Fear in forms like ignorance and distraction will keep us busy til the day we die. Let’s use our time wisely this year and increase our conscious awareness to the effect of uplifting all of life around us.

Let’s be the change we wish to see in this world- every change starts within!

Get in touch –

Weekly group sessions Wednesday 8pm at Monkstown Therapy Centre.
Workshops – Sunday 10:30-1pm Feb 16, March 15, May 24 & June 14.

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