vitality yoga retreats in ireland

Yoga Retreats in Ireland

Vitality Yoga retreats are unique to Ireland, they offer a specialist blend of wellness experiences they offer focused on whole-person wellbeing through movement and meditation, as Positive Life Magazine shares in the article below.

As the evenings slowly lengthen and hints of spring begin to emerge, what better way to brush off the cobwebs of winter than going on a rejuvenating yoga retreat?

Dancer, Yoga and Somatic Movement teacher Laura Sarah Dowdall is leading a Vitality Retreat in Lisnavagh House, Co. Carlow. It promises to be an energizing, tranquil experience that fills you with optimism for the year ahead.

Vitality yoga retreats are unique in that they offer a lot more than just Yoga as the weekend follows a seamless flow of movement, meditation and healing practices to support participants towards deep rest, renewal, release, and relaxation.

As spring begins to dawn, the beautiful Lisnavagh House will be hosting a very special Vitality Retreat, led by the dancer, yoga and somatic movement teacher Laura Sarah Dowdall.

vitality yoga retreats in ireland

Laura practices an integrated approach to her clients’ wellbeing, using a mixture of techniques she has mastered through her study of somatic movement methods, traditional yoga, bio-energetic practices, and transformational change processes.

She believes that by opening the body, clients can open their minds, and to this end, she works with each of them on a deep individual level to help them attain new insight, creativity, and self-knowledge.

The three-day Vitality yoga retreat programme will include techniques based on Healing Yoga, Somatic Movement, Pranayama, Reiki, an introduction to Constellation Work, Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation), Soul Dance and voice work. 

vitality yoga retreats in ireland

Positive Life Magazine featured Healing Yoga and The Vitality Yoga Retreat in a recent publication!To learn 

Read about upcoming retreats, view photos and schedules here! 

Click here for the full article!

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