Bee Well with

Together Apart

Stop looking for Heaven, Find Earth and Heaven will come to meet you! 🌸These words always inspire me to stop looking outside for answers, settle into what exists and realise with gratitude all that is offered to you.

I have never heard so many birds and seen so many #bees!!! 🐝 

Keeping a focus on #positive events can be a great reassurance and support at this time! Neighbours chatting across garden walls, our elderly being checked on and supported. 

We are connected in our common goal to #supporteachother & #staywell we really are #togetherapart … just like the fish returning to the Venice canals… we are returning home, realigning our priorities, living by our values and waking up to ideas, ways and means of doing things differently! To me, that is exciting and inspiring!

I have enjoyed a social media sabbatical in the last days.. I highly recommend it! 

You may also have noticed the huge drain of energy that being online creates. Mute those whats-app groups, switch off that phone and take a break from TV! I promise you’ll feel better for it <3

Just 3 times a week I continue to do LIVE online classes, the literal feedback is that they have been “fantastic” (Thanks @lorraine_kenny9!) We are grounding, centering, destressing and reconnecting to our heart through #healingyoga #somaticmovement #energyhealing #meditation #breathwork and #selfcare practices.

You’re welcome to join >> see link in my BIO.

Stay Well, Bee Well! 🌻🐝 

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