Mindful Antidotes- Healing Yoga in the Irish Times

Mindful antidotes in tech-filled world 

Yoga, mindfulness and meditation can be just the antidote children need to the go-go, technology-saturated lives in which they are immersed.

 “It sounds ironic to talk about stress at such a young age but unfortunately when parents are stressed, children are going to feel that indirectly but are not able to name it,” says Laura Sarah Dowdall, a well-being coach and contemporary dancer who runs Healing Yoga in Dublin. “We end up taking on this tension that our parents have.”

 She provides workshops both as an in-school and after-school activity, to introduce children to mindful movement and creative expression, teaching body and emotional awareness to give them a better sense of themselves.

 “So that they feel a little more grounded – like little trees rather than clouds. I think children are very vulnerable in following the path of what their parents want, just blowing along – and suddenly you get to secondary school and have to pick your subjects.”

 Dowdall aims to empower children with techniques that they can use in decision-making and in recognising and coping with different emotions.

An extract from IRISH TIMES publication in the Health Supplement on September 4th 2017 by Sheila Wayman

Full article can be read by clicking here.

Check out information on classes, school programmes and teacher training.

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