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Ten Minute Meditation: Simple Self-Care

It’s easy to delay or even forget our own needs in the busy-ness of everyday life. To care for our mental health we need to make space for self-care even if it is just ten minutes a day. We need to feel the benefits in order for us to continue to carve out a set time every day, turn-off devices, and try this guided meditation practice.

The ten-minute meditation practice outlined below will nourish and support your self-care. When we meditate at the same time every day we create a positive habit that will support our mental health.

  1. Sit comfortably in stillness, if you feel this is a challenge light a candle and simply gaze at the flame while your mind and body calm.
  2. For 3 minutes watch your thoughts- try observe without judgment, distraction or attachment. Be the observer rather than the subject.
  3. Turn your focus to your breathing for 3 minutes- follow your inhale and the slow release of your exhale. Visualise the air coming in and leaving your body.
  4. Let yourself settle, let the waves of the mind calm and rest in the head-space and fresh perspective you have created.
  5. In the last minutes, plant the seed ‘What do I need/ want for myself today?’ Don’t look for the answer, let it come to you by continuing to observe your breath and your mind without attachment. And if an answer arrives- then you have a responsibility to yourself to honour that need/wish.
  6. Invite your kids or partner to join you in this practice.

Keep practicing – it will soon become second nature.

Enjoy it and recognize the positive benefits so that you will be more likely to repeat the practice and make it a wellbeing habit.

I have a library of audio meditations for you to enjoy check out resources, youtube, classes, and programs for kids and adults.



About the Author

Laura is a holistic life coach and wellbeing expert focused on empowering creativity, courage, and confidence in children and adults.

She incorporates somatic movement, healing yoga, soul dance, voice and bio-energetic practices into her retreats, workshops and individual sessions.

Laura’s upcoming Vitality Retreat offers an ideal time to unwind, renew and relax. Retreats provide enriching practices to inspire your personal goals and intentions.

To build a habit with regular practice check out online classes and for a personalized approach, read more about one to one sessions.

Stay Well!


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