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Manifesting New Intentions

Certain times of the year are associated with setting new intentions – the new year, a new season, a birthday, or a special moon.

February marks the beginning of Spring with the Celtic holiday of Imbolc beginning from sundown today and the feast day of Saint Brigid! With the incredible blue supermoon only adding to the magic of this day it is an ideal time to set new intentions for your year to come!

When setting any intention take the time to really reflect on what you want to bring into your life.

Set up your space with seasonal flowers and a candle.

 Design a ritual that supports you to ground and centre yourself.

Then creatively express your intention- through artwork, dance or song.

Lastly, release your intention in whatever way appeals to you at that moment.

Remember that our intentions can come in surprising forms – so leave yourself open to whatever interpretation the universe deems best!

Here is an example of a practice you may like to do as part of your ritual:

Take some time today to SHAKE out the body,

Follow your BREATH,

CENTRE yourself within, allow yourself to come down from your head and into your HEART,

Begin to FEEL what you really want from this year ahead,

VISUALISE yourself achieving what you wish, anything and everything is possible!

Get EXCITED by this image! See yourself achieving this goal,

OBSERVE how it makes you feel,

VISUALISE yourself having fulfilled this intention!

Allow yourself to MERGE with this You,

See from this NEW perspective,

ACT from this place of new awareness, self-belief, and potential!

SOAK IT UP- GET EXCITED- and FIRE your body with fresh motivation to go for what you really want this year!

Come and Move with me online in my weekly classes or check out one to one sessions to support you in your vision and intentions.

Keep Creative!


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