Laura Dancing in Bantum Music Video

The Express way to Emotional Health

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This photo was taken during the filming of the Bantum & Loah Music Video “Take It” where I was Dancer – Choreographer. My ability to express through my work as a dancer has been vital to suporting my health and wellbeing.

Expression is a skill seldom taught- explored mostly through art, sometimes through words and rarely through the body.
The quickest way to emotional health and awareness is to listen to the body, through its impulses and sensations, understand it’s e-motions and learn to express it’s voice through movement.
If left unheard, the body goes numb, we lose our instinct, we miss the warning signs of dis-ease, we can gain weight and lose out on a relationship vital to personal health and true happiness.

It’s easy to reconnect to the body you just need to value your health enough to slow down and listen in! The emphasis on the ‘in’! Monthly Movement Alchemy Workshops teach you the skills to reconnect with your body, change your state through movement tasks, move emotion, invigorate health and re-discover your natural joy!
Next workshop is Sunday, 10:30-1pm on February 16th, 55 euro.

Monthly Workshops – Sundays 10:30am- 1pm on February 16, March 15, May 24, June 14

Full info –

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