Positive Potential

Six Week Self-Development Program: March 8th – April 12th

This uplifting program will enhance your self-compassion, self-esteem, self-belief, and inner joy.

You will feel more confident and empowered in expressing your true authentic self.

This is a unique self-development opportunity to activate deeper awareness, reflection, intuition, inner power, and personal understanding.

Over the course of six weeks we will explore aspects integral to health and happiness.

Transforming our life can be easy when we understand the small things that make a big difference!
This includes- building a positive habit, understanding our needs, valuing personal self-care (energy levels, healthy boundaries), and building the confidence to trust our instinct and passion!

We all deserve to feel fulfilled and excited about every day- simple steps can shift this from a dream to a reality.

You just need to say YES! to You!

What does it include?

Journalling, Creative tasks, Guided Meditation, Somatic Journeys, Movement, Self Care, and Yoga Practices.

  • Journalling
  • Creative tasks
  • Guided Meditation
  • Somatic Journeys
  • Movement
  • Self Care
  • Yoga Practices

About the facilitator

Laura’s passion, knowledge, intuition, and experience create a nurturing environment that supports mental health, self-compassion, deep relaxation, and stress release.

Who is it for?

Anyone wanting to feel more fulfilled, present, lighter, brighter, authentic, expressive, contented in their everyday life.

You need no previous experience.

The focus is personal growth and self development.


Six consecutive weeks- receive a self-care video tutorial and guided self-development practices.

Each week will focus on different topics and tasks: 

Week 1 – Grounding + Knowing what you want + Body knows best

Week 2- How to let go of what was, Create space for the Now + the New

Week 3- Self care: Detoxing Mind and Body, Expression through movement, writing + sound practices

Week 4- Decision Making, How to align with your instinct + trust your intuition

Week 5- Self Empowerment, Stepping into your personal truth with confidence 

Week 6- Sustainable Wellbeing: Establishing a healthy habit, Perspective + Self-Motivation


You will have access to the replays- tutorials, guided tasks, movement practices and reflections for the duration of the course.


€150 euro for 6 weeks of personal self-development and learning with a wellbeing coach and mentor.


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