Corporate Programs

Coaching is a process of sustainable change that enriches you with awareness, realization, learning- clarifying your life path and potential.

Self Care for Anxiety

Focused on mental health and self-care, this programme is ideal for people experiencing anxiety, chronic tension, insomnia and stress related issues.

work_well_from_home healingyoga corporate program

Work Well from Home

This practical programme teaches how to support your wellbeing while working from home, with techniques for relieving lethargy, stress, tired eyes, tension and backache.

Corporate Wellbeing program with Healing Yoga sustainable_self

Sustainable Self

This programme focuses on movement practices to improve co-ordination, ease and communication within the body. No prior experience is needed just a willingness to open your mind to new self-awareness and personal growth.

Corporate wellness for CreativeHealth with Healing Yoga

Creative Health

An invigorating programme centred on creative practices that stretch our comfort zone, challenge our thinking and extend our potential. Ideal for enhancing confidence and communication skill.


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