Work Well from Home

This practical programme teaches how to support your wellbeing while working from home, with techniques for relieving lethargy, stress, tired eyes, tension and backache.

Tired eyes, lethargy and a sore back are common after long days working online. It may take a few hours after work before we feel we can fully unwindand relax. 

This practical programme teaches how to reset the mind, refresh the eyes and restore the body. 

A tonic for relieving stress and enhancing daily wellbeing.

In this programme clients learn practices to: 

  • Relieve Eye, Neck and Shoulder Tension
  • Reset Focus and Concentration
  • Destress to Feel Good
  • Invigorate Energy
  • Chair Yoga for Back Care
  • Add Ease to the work day
  • Unwind, Transition from Work to Home

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