“Time-out with my body was a revolutionary experience! I really enjoyed the energy of the workshops-both relaxing and energising! Huge thanks!”

– Daniel, CEO

“Excellent introduction for beginners- very clear and easy to understand instructions. The teacher went at a very comfortable but challenging pace. Loved the sound and voice work!”

– Margaret, Human Resources Manager

“I’ve really enjoyed having time in my diary that I look forward to where I can unplug and relax.”

– Dane, Technical Sourcing Manager

“As someone who’s been suffering with chronic migraine for the past 2 years, I found the workshop very helpful, relieving the tension built up in my neck and shoulders. Covid times also meant more hours sitting for me, so the somatic movement sessions have been both invigorating and relaxing. Thank you, Laura!”

– Laura, Recruitment Manager

“I met Laura at a networking event where she shared her story of resilience and courage. A few weeks after she faciIltated an energising session for the Collective Edge community of coaches from her Leadership programme. Wow wow wow. It released the stresses that had built up over the week and left me feeling relaxed and peaceful. So much so that 60 minutes later I fell asleep for 5 hours! Laura will support you in relieving stress and energising your body, mind and spirit which is so critical to being a selfless leader who guides people and organisations through systemic change."

– Koren, Business Agility Coach

“Laura opened my eyes. The retreat weekend flowed. Laura’s skill including the needs of everyone was amazing and whatever we needed she provided. Everyone needs to do this retreat, it is a coming back to Self. This was a profoundly positive experience.”

– Sandra, business owner

“Laura provided excellent facilitation, real wisdom and insight… A rich opportunity for exploration, movement, healing, reflection and time for myself.”

– Orla, Human Resources Manager

“Laura has the most amazing calming and grounded energy, she seems to see past the physical and straight to the core of a person making them feel at ease. She is encouraging and full of knowledge. She creates a safe space to practice in, her classes and her 1:1 sessions are fantastic.”

– Rowena, Events Manager

“This was really healing yoga- deep relaxation and stress relief, which has calmed my mind and improved my sleep.”

– Olga, Senior Banking Executive

“An excellent work out for body and mind. Great techniques on how to destress and relax.”

– Simon, Corporate, Finance Director

“Very relaxing and an excellent teacher- this really has helped me to manage my stress level. I highly recommend this teacher and class to all corporate colleagues.”

– Claire, Legal Executive

“Great workshops- its helped me forget the daily office stress and return to the office with renewed energy! Very enjoyable.”

– Angie, Marketing Manager

“Yoga, mindfulness and meditation can be just the antidote to the go-go, technology-saturated lives we are immersed in. Dowdall aims to empower people with techniques that they can use in decision-making and in recognising and coping with different emotions.”

– The Irish Times Newspaper, 2017

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