The Importance of Tradition

We all know that image of the witch on the broomstick flying against the full moon. Well.. last night we had the first full moon on Samhain/ Halloween since 1944! 🎃

The Celtic celebration of Samhain is described as a time when the veils are thin between this world and the world of spirit. We see this theme reflected in the tradition of dressing up as ghouls and ghosts, this was originally a form of invitation for the spirits of our ancestors to feel welcome to visit.

Feast days such as All Souls Day and The Day of the Dead in Mexico reflect this tradition of honouring our ancestors by remembering and giving thanks to them at this time of year.

It is also a poignant time to commemorate all those who have died this year due to the corona virus.

Honouring our ancestors and elders is essential to our overall wellbeing, the obsessive busyness of our consumerist culture has distracted us from this tradition of honouring the past.

Covid times have helped us to reconsider how we live and what is important. Returning to our roots, core values and traditions seem more important than ever.

November 1st is the first day of winter and the first day of the Celtic New Year. This awareness offers you an invitation to become more deeply connected to the natural rhythms of your own nature.

It is a powerful day to realign your values, refresh your perspective and set new intentions.  

The approaching winter is not a time for pushing or action, it is a time to renew and rest in preparation for the spring of next year. 

So be kind to yourself, build a practice of self-care to support your journey through these winter months.

Though the light of winter may lessen as winter beckons, light nurtured within you will always light your way.

Want to learn more about how to nourish your mind, heart, body and soul?

From tomorrow, Monday Nov 2nd, new daily classes begin with Family Yoga beginning this Friday at 5pm! 

Yoga Flow, Healing Yoga, Somatic Movement- every day of the week: www.healingyoga.ie/online-classes/

Send me any questions.

Love Laura

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