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embodied Wellbeing WORKSHOP SERIES


Dates: Sunday April 11th – May 30th 2021

Movement workshops to release tension and stress, restore harmony to the body, improve postural patterns and enhance personal fulfillment and potential.

Based on neuroscience, developmental movement patterns, somatic movement, and new research in emotional wellbeing.

So what is embodied Wellbeing?

These workshops explore how movement supports our physical, cognitive and social-emotional development.

It is based on neuroscience, developmental movement patterns, somatic movement and new research in emotional wellbeing.

This program of workshops compliments the Creative Wellbeing Program which integrates the science and psychology of wellbeing with the importance of creativity for mental and emotional health.

embodied Wellbeing COMBINES the best of:

  • Somatic Movement- Hanna and Feldenkreis techniques
  • Authentic Dance and Embodiment practices
  • Energy Healing, Family Constellation Work and
  • Tension and Trauma Release technique.
  • New research from Science, Neurology and Psychology
  • Life and Wellness Coaching, Mindful Self Compassion

Participants will gain:

  •  New Skills to enhance your Personal and Professional life
  •  Tension & Stress Release for yourself!
  •  Techniques to reduce anxiety, stress and overwhelm
  •  Dynamic Wellbeing- Ideas for yourself + working with others
  •  Movement to Refresh Mind and Body
  •  Embodiment skills that enrich health and wellbeing

Key information:

  • Online, watch anytime from anywhere, replays available.
  • Support during the Covid pandemic where the skills of self-soothing and self-care are essential to mental health.
  • Specialist learning in developmental movement patterns, somatic movement and holistic whole-body wellbeing.
  • World-class training bringing wisdom and experience from multiple modalities.
  • An opportunity for personal development, and professional learning that will add value, creativity, and fun to your professional role.
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Program Format:

  • Workshops are online and focus on experiential learning.
  • Workshops provide ample opportunity for personal self-development.
  • Workshop replays will be available so the learning can be enjoyed and re-watched up to two weeks after the workshop.

embodied wellbeing series:


Each workshop is 1.5 hours -2 hours, consisting of interactive learning, movement practices, self-care techniques and Q+A at the end.

Live workshops will be recorded and available by replay.

Live workshops are 10am- 12noon Irish Time /GMT, please check for your timezone.

You do not need to use your camera! 

All movements will be guided through voice and imagery so it is not essential to see the facilitator or even watch the screen!

1: stress, tension + trauma release

April 11th / REPLAY

Experience a deep-release process for releasing held tension in the body. 

Followed by a grounding and soothing body meditation.

You will feel renewed and refreshed after the deep release offered in this workshop.

2: embodied ANATOMY

April 18th / REPLAY

A movement journey exploring the inner landscape of the body, focused on renewing the healthy function of our organs.

Based on eastern practices to heal and renew the energy lines (meridians) in the body and improve the cognitive, emotional and physical wellbeing.

A healing dance practice with no steps that is fully guided. 

3: developmental movement patterns

April 25th / REPLAY

Explore the essential movement patterns that children need to develop their cognitive and physical abilities early in life. 

These movements keep the adult body refreshed, easeful, agile, flexible and co-ordinated.

These movements reduce the impact of aging and support the cognitive functions of the body.

4: Somatic movement for jaw, neck + head relief

may 2nd / REPLAY

A movement workshop that focuses on relieving patterns of tension that have become habit.

Our jaw is under constant duress, it is the place where held back emotion and expression sits.

Many people today grind their teeth, experience headaches/migraine, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and insomnia- this workshop will offer relief from such stress related symptoms.

5: embodied breath, chest + Shoulder relief

may 9th / REPLAY

Discover breathing techniques that bring ease and relief to the lungs, ribs and torso. 

Better understand your breathing patterns and how to experience deeper calm and wellbeing.

Let go of tension held in the chest and shoulders.

6: somatic movement for lower back relief

may 16th / REPLAY

A gentle movement practice that deeply unravels tightness, tension and holding in the lower abdomen, pelvis and hips.

You will experience deep release of the lower back, and a balancing of the pelvis.

You will feel taller, lighter and more energised by this nourishing movement practice.


may 25th / REPLAY

A unique practice to support emotional wellbeing and  awareness of the heart.

A creative movement meditation that is fully guided and unique to each individual.

This workshop will offer deep insight, relief and healing that supports all aspects of our wellbeing.

8: soul DANCE

may 25th / REPLAY

A transformativeguided movement meditation that heals and honours the past.

In doing so we make space for our selves and our intentions.

An empowering culminating workshop that integrates learning and awareness that will enrich every body and inspire our further potential!

embodied Wellbeing workshop series

Eight week guided journey with live facilitation and replays: €350

Payment Plan available- pay with two instalments of €195

Register with a friend for a 10% discount.


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