Spring Equinox: Beach Retreat!

SPRING equinox ~ revive, refresh & realign

Where: Kilcoole Beach, Wicklow (next to greystones)
When: 10-2pm, Sunday 20th March, Spring Equinox

Refresh your mind
Lighten your body &
Refresh your Soul!

The Equinoxes are the only two days in the year when daytime and nighttime are exactly the same.

As nature regains its balance, it is an opportunity for us to embody and invite more harmony, abundance, joy and creativity into our lives!

This is a time of renewal, balance, and rebirth.

Let’s use the balancing energy of this day to bring greater alignment and light into our lives!

We will enjoy:

- Welcome Circle & Journey Meditation

- Equinox Ritual

- Healing Yoga to embody greater light, awaken inspiration and deepen soul listening

- Beach Picnic

- Elemental Healing: Group energy healing process working with the stones and water

- A constellation practice by the sea to uplift the collective consciousness

This empowering day will resource and inspire you to step more fully into life, to embrace your dreams and ideas, and help you to stand stronger in your truth, power and potential!


SPRING equinox ~ revive, refresh & realign

sunday, march 20th, 10-2pm

Welcome Circle & Grounding Meditation
Healing Yoga- Enlighten, Inspire and Connect within
Spring Equinox Ritual of Release & Renewal

Beach Picnic, Seaside Stroll


Elemental Healing to uplift and invigorate health & harmony


Constellation practice to Uplift & Empower

Closing Circle, Sharing & Integration … optional sea-dip!


Working outdoors facilitates:
* Detoxification of the body
* Stress Relief
* Boosts Serotonin
* Soothes the Mind
* Regulates the nervous system

How does this happen?
We inhale negative ions in environments such as the ocean, mountains, forests, and waterfalls.
Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost energy.

What are the benefits?

Negative ions make your body feel recharged and rejuvenated.
Ions are formed when an atom gains or loses an electrical charge.
Negative ions occur naturally in nature when rain, wind, or sunlight cause an atom to break apart.

Anywhere in nature will contain high concentrations of negative ions in the air, with the beach ranking as one of the highest locations with as much as 2000 negative ions per cubic centimeter!

Negative ions possess not only an anti-microbial effect but also a mood-stabilizing one.

Research shows that negative ions can influence serotonin levels in your brain.

So there are many feel-good reasons fo us to come together outdoors!

Just bring your hot flask of tea, snacks and warm clothes!

Your retreat host

Laura brings her expertise as a Dancer, Yogi, Energy Healer, Intuitive, Family Constellation Work Facilitator and Somatic Movement Therapist to take you on a journey of embodied bliss, reconnection, joy and new potential!

what to bring?

Water bottle, or flask with a hot drink.

Bring lunch, a snack, any food you’d enjoy to share

Comfortable clothes, extra layers (hat, scarf), warm blanket for lying down and yoga mat.

Suncream, Sunglasses!

Optional: swimming gear and towel for a quick dip at the end!


Kilcoole Beach / Dart Station.

Exit #11 off the N11, the next village after Greystones, follow the sea road to the beach.

Meet on the beach side of the tracks at 9:50am.

Walk together from here at 9:55am.

weather / Alternative location:

In the case of poor weather we will move to the cosey studio venue of The Calm Rooms, Monkstown Village.

I will text you the evening before if there is a need to change to the indoor location.

The Calm Rooms is on google maps – click here for link.

participant feedback:

“I have learned to be in my heart and come out of my head. I feel connected, earthed. This was more than I expected. A very powerful experience benefitting soul and body.” (Adrianna)

“Incredible, Mind-Blowing, Freeing, Beautiful, Full of Love. Laura is incredibly gifted and very inspiring. This was pure joy! For anyone wanting to feel free!”

“I feel strength and so much love and gratitude for this rediscovery and this special weekend. It feels like something was re-opened. My body feels free, alive, connected, rested, earthed, creative, wondrous and delightful!” (Niamh)



Limited to a small group! 

Book using the button below, revolut or bank transfer:

Account: Healing Yoga

IBAN: IE76 AIBK 933570 58686082


75 euro per person for this equinox retreat by the sea!

Laura’s contact number: 087-9633229 


If you need to cancel: 50% of the workshop fee will be retained to cover the cost of your place.

If you cancel within 24 hours: your payment will be retained in full to cover the cost of your place.

For more information & videos see- Facebook & Instagram

Email me with any questions: laura@healingyoga.ie



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