The Business of Busy-ness

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We are aware of what we are so busy doing, but how often do we consider the counter affect of what we are not doing?

We are driven by obligations and expectations the majority of our daily life; it is important to take time out from the essential management practices we extol and set aside time for no-thing, for the moment to relax or the opportunity to do something nourishing for ourselves- sometimes known as “Free Time”.

But free time comes at a high price, you may say. Rather than thinking of all the reasons why you can’t – think about the reasons why you should! The can’ts will always be there; the to-do lists will always grow- so let yourself consider the potential benefit of investing a few minutes every day dedicated to your needs, wants and wishes.

How often do we allow ourselves enjoy this quality time for ourselves. It is seen as a luxury, an indulgence, when really it is essential to our wellbeing, sense of joy and fulfilment. Whether you see this as a distraction or a valuable investment indicates the degree of self-regard and value you place on yourself.

We are naturally creative beings. Think of children playing and creating, the adventures their curiousity takes and the spectrum of emotions they experience. Our natural disposure is to be creative, connected, authentic and present to the moment. This is our essential being, the homeostasis that we should return to like a safe house each day. Consumed with busy-ness we risk being distracted and direct all our intention outwards. Is it any surprise that we feel drained and tired when we are putting-out but not refuelling within?

Show appreciation to yourself by taking a set amount of time dedicated just to you each day, reconnect to your personal needs and aspirations and enjoy a clearer sense of self, improved self awareness and natural joy.
Reflective Exercise:

1. Free write the activities and prioritizes that predominantly drive your focus right now or this week. This is list A.
2. As you are busy with these activities, what are you not doing that you ideally wish you could? Free write all the ideas that come into your mind. Don’t hold back, this is an exercise just for you. This is list B or your wish list. These ideas can be small or big- research a holiday, go for a walk by the sea- what would you like to do?
3. Of list A- put a mark beside each activity that was personal choice and a different mark next to those of obligation or duty. As generous as it may seem when we act out of duty rather than honest choice the value of our actions greatly diminish.
4. Of list B- how do you feel as you consider doing any of the items on your wish list? Write down the benefits of enjoying these activities and the possible knock-on effects.
5. Choose a specific time each day to dedicate to your wish list activities. Distractions will test you and de-rail you so choose a time that you can comfortably turn phones off, step away from the busy-ness and actively invest in you.

Remember any great challenge is disguised as a great opportunity!

Be authentic to you,


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