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June Events 2020!

So May was a bit of a rollercoaster month for me. How about you?

An old injury from my ballet days revisited and when I prescribed myself a week of absolute rest (no online / work-related activity) the inner critic was quick to respond, bringing up feelings of guilt for taking this time-off!

Do you know this feeling?

I think taking time for ourselves is one of the hardest things to do, especially when we have been brought up to believe productivity and being ‘busy’ is a sign of progress and success.

In times of anxiety or stress, tension in my neck and shoulders builds up.
My first intense occurrence of this was ten years ago before a ballet performance. I had a frozen shoulder and a rigid neck that made it impossible for me to pirouette (a ballet turn that requires a flick of the head). I pushed to resolve this pain as quickly as possible but this only made matters worse. 

The body has its own timing. 

While we might say ‘I need this fixed by Monday’ – the body does not work this way. Anything that isn’t given the time to fully heal, returns, again and again, repeatedly asking to be recognised and resolved.

My study of mind-body modalities, somatic practices, and tension and trauma release have empowered me with the skills to understand the body as a whole, it’s language and expression.

But that doesn’t mean I always listen!! 🙂 And when I don’t I usually get some form of a wake-up call to shift me back into awareness!!

The process of reading the body is actually very simple. I want to share as much as I can with you to show you how you can best care for your wellbeing.


Letting Go: Shoulder Tension & Stress Release – Sunday, June 14th

Self Compassion: Release Anxiety & Restore Inner Balance– Sunday, June 28th


Free Dance Workshops -For Children & Families, Saturday, June 13th


A fresh month of Yoga, Somatic Movement, Meditation & Guided Relaxation classes continue from June 1st.

Online classes are three times a week, with class recordings available to monthly members. So if the timetable doesn’t suit you or you prefer not to join live classes you can still avail of regular weekly lessons and watch them at your own time and pace. 

If you have not tried an online class yet – l would be glad to answer any concerns you may have and offer you a free class to try it out!

Feel free to share these events with your friends.

Enjoy the bank holiday sunshine!


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